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  1. Thought that it might have been done before. This one is too dark for my taste, might be the images though. The fretboard doesn't look scalloped to me. You got any more info on this guitar? Perhaps if Herc has done more of them or, if he hasn't, if there have been any specific problems? so long Andreas aka Ace
  2. That's slick, but what does it say on that site? I reckon it's something along the lines of "our credit helps you get that little bit more worth from your money"...if not, I copyright the idea right now :-) On a related note, I suppose Tosin Abasi just contacted Ibanez to make him one like this ;-) so long Andreas aka Ace
  3. I hope you washed those socks before you buffed the guitar :-) But seriously, I've never been a Les Paul fan (the guitar shape, not the player), the strat shape simply epitomizes the electric guitar for me but THIS is pure sex. I want to touch that headstock volute in ways that would probably get me jailed in most countries. Pray do enter this for GOTM. Also: Any chance of soundclips? so long Andreas aka Ace
  4. I'm getting images of a cast acrylic neck with a swirl captured between a fingerboard layer and the neck layer. Ooooooo. Great Prostheta, now you've got me all hot and bothered... Seriously though, using medium jumbo or jumbo frets, I don't know if wear is going to be that much of an issue. But I thought about a full scallop, too. I guess the sanest thing to do would be to take a "cheap" fretboard and use primer along with a basecoat on it, instead of directly swirling a "naked" maple board, does that sound about right to you guys? And while we're on the topic of finished necks, anyone ever thought of doing a 100% swirl? I mean, on the back of the neck as well, going around in one pass? Hmm, I might just buy a cheap DIY kit on ebay and give that a try (my lack of prior swirling / finish work nonwithstanding.../ so long Andreas aka Ace
  5. Yeah, kinda what the title suggests... in andyt's thread I've seen that the "hangers" he used for handling the bodies obviously got swirled along with the bodies and the image brought an idea into my mind: could you swirl over an entire fretboard (either maple or with a base coat), then clearcoat over it? The idea of course is to continue the swirl pattern of the body seamlessly onto the neck to get an extraordinary (some might say tacky :-) )look. This is more of a theoretical question for me as I've not done any real finishing work so far and as such I see myself swirling anything in the near future about as much as I see myself pole vaulting in the olympics, but I find the idea intriguing (the swirled fretboard, not the pole vaulting...). Now, if any of you are thinking of offering this as a new option in the near future let me know, so I can file for design patent before and injunction the hell out of you :-D just kidding of course. so long Andreas aka Ace
  6. Umm, those acrylic stabilized blanks...coloured, stabilized neck anyone? Or am I missing something here? so long Andreas aka Ace
  7. poor lil ace ain't got no permission to download the tutorial says your server.... so long ace
  8. I'm a bit in a stretch here...I'd like to vote for southpa just for the simple reason of having his guitar on the front page. Who knows, maybe the guy who stole it thinks he really can make a buck when he sells it, puts it on ebay and sha-bang we have him balls to the wall. Then again, Wes' carved top is so sleek, I get slightly aroused looking at the pics. Lex' custom bass is a sight to behold and...I think I'll waite till last minute with my vote and then flip a coin...a nine-sided coin, that is so long ace
  9. Oh alright that's what I thought too, just wanted to make sure before I vote, got a little confused. As for the vote, I'm gonna give it to any of the Rye guitars...love them thinlines ;-) so long ace
  10. Isn't Rye's guitar listed twice? I thought the carved mahogany top with the F-Holes and the RH1 prototype were the same axe? so long ace
  11. I would advise not to post those things on a public forum like PG is... so long ace
  12. Dang I sure like thinline guitars... so long ace
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