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  1. Some have notified me via PM that I am missing some facts and explanations about the wood I have for sale here. First the thickness of the pieces. Honduran Mahogany Sides average .12", one of the pieces thin out to .1" on the end and the back pieces are at .13" Macassar Ebony thickness is at .105" BRW sides are at .1 and the backs are on average .12 thick on one edge it tapers to .11. The BRW is very old stuff that has been sitting since the 60`s. Just another side note, the back pieces are still attached to the remainder of the billet. I have plans for the remaining pieces which is why I covered the pieces with paper. I will cut the backs to length prior to shipping at around 21", so please let me know if you need a little extra length. Thank you for your interest and please feel free to ask any other questions or concerns. Robbie
  2. If depends on the crack. If they can be closed easily they can repaired with CA or something like that. If they cannot be closed but are not a giant hole they can be filled with dyed epoxy or something like that and made to go away. A lot of it depends on the wood. Most dark stuff you can be sneaky with, but the lighter stuff is pretty tough to get away with it. I have seen some characters use the crack as an accent by filling with a different colored epoxy, which can look cool.
  3. Hey guys I am some stuff up for sale here. 100$ Honduran Mahogany Set - sides 4 3/4" by 32" back 10" by 22" 50$ 1 Macassar Ebony back/electric guitar tops please take note of the checks. 7 1/4" by 20 3/4" 50$ 2 Macassar Ebony back/electric guitar tops please take note of the checks. 7 1/4" by 23.5-19.25" to the knot 450$ Brazilian Rosewood set please note the spiderwebbing and figure. Sides are rift sawn and are 5 3/4 33 5/8-The back will fit a dread and is quarter sawn I haven't posted here in quite some time. I have been much more active in luthiers forum.com and luthier forum.com. thanks for looking!!! The last two pictures are of the BRW sides. The last picture the side pieces on top of the back. The backs and sides were cut out of different billets, but they are very close in color.
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