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Entry for September 2019's Guitar Of The Month is now open!


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  1. SABER... oh my gosh... Your playing... So full of emotion, so beautiful. And you've got fingers of steel. They can zip. I wish I could play like you, man, you rock.
  2. that pickgaurd reminds me of my custon pickguard for my duct tape p bass. (pics in a little while)
  3. i think that's paint... but i love the design, got my props. Litchfield, it doesn't strike me as being super sexy. I'm not calling it ugly or bad, because it's very good, it's just i don't like it. I'm too truthful, eh?
  4. makes a helluva diiference. I mean, YOU (not drak) wants to win, and know YOU'RE expecting US to track down pics?!?!? UH-UH, no way. Thats like a presidential candidate saying "vote for me, but if you wanna know what issues i stand for, go to da and da website and sort through some crap."
  5. lex won... two teles in a row, eh? I'll enter mine in a week or so for what it's worth.......
  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man, i was gonna enter my Teisco hollowbody I'm restoring, maybe I'll hold off until January's vote? I think it could have won, but i made a small error in sanding today, which will make it look imperfect, and not good enough to win against your guys' guitars. You know, next month is my birthday, the 17, so maybe as a really nice birthday gift you guys could hold off until January? or everyone could vote for me? PLEASE?!?! I really want that downloads section....
  7. heat. Use a clothes iron. The steam helps it too. I've heard some people do it that way, anyways..
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