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  2. I mostly use oil and lacquers. I am building a bass that I am not real concerned about muffling the tone. What's the best route ? poly? I just want thick rock hard coating like you get on a painted import guitar, will epoxy paint be good? Needs to be rattle cans . Thanks!
  3. someone told me a tele bass uses the same size body as a tele guitar. correct?
  4. Anyone know how thick the wings are? and how about the center section? Thanks!
  5. I built a semi hollow a few years ago. I would like to redo the inside. Has anyone ever sawn or steamed a 1/4" drop top off?
  6. The reason I am wanting to use poplar is because its a good stable wood . I usually have used it on basses for paint . I am wanting to do this tele tv yellow or black so I dont really want to use a figured wood. I have glued a poplar panel up. I just think if I put it on top it will mute the pine. So i am thinking of using it on bottom. I know a pro luthier that said maybe use masonite on top and bottom as he does on his semi hollow danelectro types. Any thoughts?
  7. I have built a pine tele body. After milling it needs to be capped on top or bottom to gain some thickness back between 1/4 to 1/2 an inch. I have never been in this situation in a build. Here is my question I was thinking of capping it with poplar on the back to thicken the body up . Also I will be painting it. I figure the poplar on back will still let the pine resonate on top. any ideas here?
  8. Building a pine tele. the neck pocket cracked as pine will. If i drill the end of the crack to stop it and glue it will it be good anybody done this ? Or should i pitch it?
  9. SO who out there just presses their frets in. and who uses glue? and why or why not? do you use titebond? or super glue or hide glue? what works best when frets need removed?
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