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  1. Did Tony J Malmsteen's pics load for anyone???? I reloaded the page 5 times and never saw a pic in his post
  2. I suck!! I couldn't decide so I finally just hit "null vote" and voted for all/none of them Too many good choices to pick from this time but it was down to Stew and Maiden in the end. I love me an old Chris Craft (and I miss mine) and that top on Maiden's looks like you can jump right into it and take a swim.
  3. OMG......he's still at it. I cruised over to the Donna's forum and found the thread. Welcome back Matt (Lex).
  4. Hey, your first post and you probably already ticked off half the people here!! What a great start.......... BTW where is YOUR guitar????
  5. Wow....another tough month Ragas and Matt...you have a great knack for design and I'm sure you are both going to go somewhere with that. toddler68...holy crap man, that carve is sweet!! The longer I looked at it the more detail I saw and that finish is perfect. Great work!! rhoads...great original style and touch to a classic shape. I would have never thought headless when I thought tele. My opinions for what they're worth. Oh, and I voted for.........
  6. Oh, man.....this gets tougher every month!! I voted for them all....well, I would if I could.
  7. bond163.....please use the "Edit" button and add to your post so you're not posting 3 times in a row. Thanks!
  8. I guess that depends on your income and what you consider expensive. Lovekraft has a GREAT deal of experience in this area and his advice on this topic is well respected on the forum here.
  9. Ahhhhhh.......semi-hollows.....the real man's (or woman's) repair job!! Loosen the nut and poke a stiff piece of wire shaped like a "J" into the F hole. Tug softly on the wires until you see the jack move. You now have the jack wiring. Take the nut off (don't lose the jack wire!) and pull the J hook and wire up through the F hole. Fix your broken connection then attach the wire to the jack so you can fish it back through the hole. Re-attach the nut and you're good to go. It's NOT easy and takes PATIENCE. I now use a pair of curved, long needle nose but before I bought those I used the wire method with great success. The wire has to be stiff enough to hold the jack when you go back in but flimsy enough that you can yank it off when you get the nut back on. Try a piece of #12 or #10 stranded electrical wire. Patience, patience, patience........ When you're through with that try changing a pot.....that's even more fun!
  10. If you take the back cover off you'll see there is a little circuit board inside.....that is an active pre-amp as cold said. You can buy preamps online and put them in your custom or home-built. Do a Google search for "bass preamp" or "active bass eq" and you should find plenty of sources and drawings.
  11. They are resistors. That's the way they are typically drawn in electrical schematics. I don't know where the rectangle thing came from but in the 25 years I've been reading schematics the "squiggle" is the standard way to draw them.
  12. I can relate to that! 2 knee surgeries, 1 appendix and one stomach repair (bad acid reflux) all in three years!! The appendix and stomach were in the last 3 months! I have more holes in my gut (8) than should be allowed by law I finished the tuition pains 2 years ago when I finally finished school. Then I quit my job and work at home....lot of good that schoolin' did me!
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ You're the winner!! I don't know.....life seems to get better for me the older I get.
  14. Holy Crap! Click once and get two posts!!!
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