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  1. HuntinDoug


    Custom Build for Tim Hawkins
  2. Well, if you don't enjoy it anymore, then I can understand. Maybe some time away would be good... Get a fresh perspective. But, at least do this: Before you sell all your tools, take a good look at your work, and your progress at the art. You've got talent. Don't "bury it"... Use it. It's a gift. I fully understand the money aspect. I was a part time builder until I lost my full time day job in Nov. 2011. I havent had a real paycheck since. At times I have rhetorically asked myself "why am I still doing this". If it wasnt for my wife believing in what I do, I guess I wouldn't be doing it. I just turned 49, and I finally LOVE what I do. It takes a lot to "make it" as a full time luthier. I'm still at the stage where everything I make goes right back into material & tools. Now I have a shop with all the bills that go along with it. But, I'm right on the edge of things finally breaking loose. I just picked up a customer today that wants to carry my guitars as their premier brand. Sometimes it helps to analyze yourself, and what you are looking to achieve by building. For some guys it's money, others for the art, others do it for the fun. Some do it for their ego. Any way you do it, one thing is the same for everyone. Perfection is un-obtainable. For a long time the best I could do was just not good enough to satisfy me. Then I realized that striving to continually improve is the only way to do this without it driving me crazy. Now I strive for excellence. Frankly, sometimes I'm disappointed in myself. I've burned some really nice guitars. But, I refuse to let that stop me. Whatever you decide to do between now and next year, I hope you do it without regret...
  3. Ok, so it's more circumstances causing you to cease... Not just being sick of striving for excellence without results. Right? Look for a place that will allow you to continue. And, use the downtime to start building up the tools you need. Or, do repairs for a while... No finishing needed there. I can guarantee you one thing: If you quit for good, at some point you will look back and wish you had not.
  4. Luis... Don't quit... period! Take a short break, or a long break, but do not quit! You have come too far, and are too talented to quit now. As a matter of fact if you quit, I will nag you til you start again. You're not even 30 years old yet. Imagine what you'll be building 10 years from now (Job 8:7). Finishing is an art form in and of it's self. Don't let that one aspect of luthiery ruin the rest of it for you. I used to do custom painting & pinstiping back in the 90's. I can do it, but I choose to farm out all of my finishing to williamson works because he is way better at it than I am. And, it frees me up to concentrate on the art of design, and building. Feel free to call me if you need to vent... I'm serious about that
  5. That has got to be the coolest volute/headstock anywhere. Definitely a signature look.
  6. I love the branded logo... very cool.
  7. Nice! Have you ever thought about binding your bodies & necks?
  8. From my perspective this one is easy to answer: Yes Yes
  9. Once you go Vac.. you'll never go back. Sorry... couldnt resist
  10. HuntinDoug

    Operation 6 string Santa

    The guitar I built for my brother-in-law for Christmas 2013
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