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  1. HuntinDoug


    Custom Build for Tim Hawkins
  2. That has got to be the coolest volute/headstock anywhere. Definitely a signature look.
  3. I love the branded logo... very cool.
  4. From my perspective this one is easy to answer: Yes Yes
  5. Once you go Vac.. you'll never go back. Sorry... couldnt resist
  6. HuntinDoug

    Operation 6 string Santa

    The guitar I built for my brother-in-law for Christmas 2013
  7. Wasn't sure where to put this... I thought it would be cool for PG members to post some "tricks" that luthiers use to make builds & everyday stuff easier. Mostly simple stuff that anyone can do. I'll start: I'd say 99% of my builds have bound fingerboards with semi-hemispherical fret ends. It's a lot of up front work, but it's worth it in the end. Fretting a bound board means nipping the fret ends which produces small shards. I sometimes work on frets in the evenings as I watch TV. The last thing I need is the sharp off cut pieces flying around in my family room. The solution is a couple of rare earth magnets placed near the exit shoot of the tang nippers, or under the clipper. It catches almost all of the off cut pieces. After about a dozen frets, I just scrape them off into the trash... Works well.
  8. HuntinDoug


    GOTM Nov. 2009. This was a prototype for an import run. The idea was to mimic a 55 gal drum of nuclear waste that has survived a disaster. I went with a heavily distressed finish. Ironically the import run was a clean finish.
  9. I have this spiral head jointer: http://www.grizzly.com/products/6-X-46-Jointer-w-Spiral-Cutterhead/G0452Z I will never go back to a 3 blade machine!
  10. I knew I should have stayed awake in chemistry class
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