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  1. Sorry: Been away for a while. Color is still good (not much change). The finish is pretty hard - I wiped it on - it was a bit thicker than I'd like, but OK. Rich
  2. I'm in the process of building two solidbodies out of Padauk. Padauk is fairly sensitive to sun (UV) exposure - going from an orange red after sanding to a deeper red after finish and then with sun exposure, changing to a rather uninteresting dark brown. My normal finish is Tru Oil, which does very little to retard UV color change. After doing some web research, I tried Teak Oil (which was supposed to have some UV resistance) and found that the color change still happened. I'm a few days into an experiment with Spar Varnish (leaving a partially coated sample in the back window of my car) - it's looking like Spar Varnish is significantly retarding the color change (if not stopping it). The problem is that Spar Varnish is a brush on type of finish - I've always used oils. Any suggestions on how to get a good finish with this?? Thanks, Rich
  3. I'd like to enter my newest build: Specs: Chambered body from Padauk/Poplar/Chestnut Carvin Maple Neck w/Ebony fretboard & Ebony headstock overlay Sperzel Tuners Carvin C-22 Humbuckers Active/Passive electronics - w/coil splits & phasing Graphtech Ghost piezo saddles w/preamp Birdseye Maple TRC An incredible variety of sounds is available from the guitar - especially when connected to both a guitar amp & acoustic amp. More details at: Active/Passive/Piezo and a full image: Rich
  4. How about this as an entry for April - the competition is tough, but I might as well try: Homemade body - Walnut/Poplar/Cherry Carvin Neck Fender Texas Special Pickups Sperzels Maple Pickup "ring" & control cover Stew-Mac hardware More info at Walnut/Cherry Telecaster Rich
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