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  1. looks pretty much like Vik Guitars´ duality series to me.. but nice clean work!
  2. thanks man! I appreciate it. Keeping it clean is very important for me. The better you prep, the better results you get at the end...
  3. I love those jokes about the "right way" but I am not sure about GOTM... I´ll just wait and try to enter it with my own design guitar not sure about strat being a guitar of the month.. it´s just too common guit
  4. yup, it was done because of the shorter scale... customer said: I want that neck pup as close as possible to the neck, and the bridge pup as far from it as possible. After I saw it coated in that satin sanding sealer I did not want it glossy, but that was just mine opinion
  5. Hey guys, I don´t have time to post here pics very often so I decided to make this thread for me to show you mine builds. Recently I have finished this HSH mahogany strat It has 24.75" scale, very thin neck and action low as possible - this is because of customers´ "short and fat" fingers Body is made of old stock african mahog and neck is carpathian violin grade flame maple pickups are 2x SD HS4 and single SD antiquity, tremolo is fender and tuners are locking schallers.. oh and not to forget, it is lefty now some pics first coats of sanding sealer neck from the back ;-) and there she goes finished http://sphotos-g.ak....894110735_n.jpg
  6. thanks guys, really he is happy. At first he had 54´s pickups but they were... weak so we changed them to those hot 50´s and now it´s much better
  7. and almost done and with pickups and done... and shipped to customer
  8. darker lacquer on the right places, neck almost done the lacquer looks wet but it is not I use it thinned to 80/20
  9. not bad for a strat body 1.9kgs, what do you think? hanging after first coats. filler for body and thin nitro lacquer for neck as thin coat as possible, fretting, another coats
  10. Hey guys, been a while again... This one is already finished, so I want to share it with you Body - swamp ash Neck - european flamed maple bridge, tuners - fender pickups - fender hot 50´s classic vintage grain pattern
  11. I guess you could balance the bright woods with weaker pickups (magnets). What kind of pups did you use on that birdseye guit?
  12. How´s the tone on this black lotus? I´ve heard somewhere that walnut is a bit on the bright side. I guess it depends on each piece...
  13. very cool guitars I must say how heavy are they? as far as I know, european ash is heavy as hell...
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