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  1. hitone, excellent. i notmally am no fan of those guitars, but thats lovely. i would have had less debating had there been 2 pickups but your call. hows the tone? you took my vote that acoustic WOW beauty. the figure is insane! 8 string bass, well made, very nice. very deep!!! the laminated neck put me off slightly, it to me looks out of place, too sharp a contrast, but hey conklin do it why shouldnt you!! fantastic construction. nice heel on the tele, a nice change. great finish! jehle, you amaze me still!!! never a boring guitar. dare i ask about tone and playability! thats weird!! well done, im impressed $15 well spent! Dr Fre, nice work. great finish! jammy, nice instrument, very clean construction, impressive! Mike
  2. alcohol based dyes at craftsupplies.co.uk thats what i use - its Behlen dye. i have dyed ash with success. i will tell you how to dye it: 1. sand to about 320 2. get a brush to apply, a glass jar (i used a tumbler, sorry mum!) get meths (clear if poss) 3. mix yout dye about 5:1 with meths and dye (if you use alcohol based, water otherwise) apply several coats (4 or so) it will look really pale on the ash. this is to ensure even dye coverage - end grain drinks dye. 4. repeat step 3 but reducing the amount of meths each time, this will dry really fast, say 10 mins or so. keep going until you are at 1:1 or even just dye, it is at this stage where you must decide how dark you want it. NOTE: if you notice any peculiar staining happening - you could soak a cloth in meths and wipe it, if still wet may work, this also can help over saturation at end grain. also dont judge it by its "wet colour!" always wait until its dry before you make any descisions!! this stuff stains like MAD, wear gloves ffs! i didnt and had green hands for a week! before you nitro/burst i would leave the guitar to dry out for a few days, you dont want your clears bubbling! and a LIGHT sanding after dye. alcohol dye doesnt really lift the grain which is nice, but water based will. i cant offer info on water based, as i have only used alcohol based. you might want to search "bursting" or something for your darker edges, maybe black or dark purple. the grain naturally accents itself with the dye i have found *but* if you want it to go mad black or whatever use black epoxy (i cant find any in the UK yet, let me know anyone if you do!) to fill the grain. grain filling: vinyl based is great for SOLID colours, for TRANS i know people use: epoxy CA (super glue) i have had no luck with epoxy, but the stuff i used might have been dozed. i am going to try polyester resin soon. i used it before, slow drying time, but EXCELLENT result! i didnt measure anything so thats probably why it didnt dry well. sanding sealer: Rustins sanding sealer will do fine. whether you need to use this after grain filling is debatable. fill grain *after* dying or you will be left with a patchy finish. thats about it! let us know how it goes! Mike
  3. no thats great thanks! I have 11-70s hope you get better soon! Mike
  4. can you describe your setup there please? the tone is fantastic. Mike EDIT: sorry, by setup I mean string guage and action. I should learn to be more consice.
  5. i would like to hear this too, as i have bought a set of lace drop n gain ones, for detuning and metal high gain stuff. they look real dapper! Mike
  6. Decided to enter my newest guitar - sold to Rick of Symbiotick. Spec: 24 Jumbo frets Santos Rosewood f.board - 16" Radius Flamed Ash body sepele mahogany neck double way truss rod gotoh hardware abalone inlays dimarzio PAF pro7 and Tone Zone 7 pickups. wired with tone bypass switch and a mute switch. just a photo to show off the figure on the ash. taken during poly coats. this guitar just plain shreds! it has great action, and the body is quite heavy - so there is brilliant definition to the bottom strings. it sounds really heavy. rick collected this and was extremely pleased, first thing he played on it was technical difficulties, lol! i admit, parting with it hurt! but all part of the process. glad he was delighted with it, i was also. oh, the finish is an amber stain - cant remember exactly now. black burst and poly top. i brought rick down and asked if he wanted the grain filled, and he decided not to fill it. he liked it as it was, fair dues. Mike EDIT: http://www.allbarkleys.plus.com/7%20string.mp3 soundclip of this guitar. thought id add this let you hear it.
  7. you would still need 100 accounts... which aint allowed! Mike
  8. brilliant entries, matt you would have got my vote except i have a gripe with the headstock, otherwise she is a beauty. toddler, lovely, have a vote.
  9. not the most fond of the pale binding on maiden's guitar, not to my taste, but overall fantastic result!! beautiful guitar, maiden, have a vote again, great entries this month, Godin you were >< that much away for winning my vote...
  10. yeah, im gonna opt for 35deg seems what the standard is mike
  11. thx! the simpler the better. im gonna make one tomorrow, im guitarred out today! just spent 3 hours sanding a fretboard! i reckon ill felt mine, dont wanna risk scratching it! Mike
  12. i plan to asap, cant really, place is a mess - house fire.
  13. thanks alot guys!! i was millimeters from building the PGM Ibanez, but at the last second i built this! i cant say i know what the PG V looks like, i dont think i have seen it, but i will look now! thanks Mike
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