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  1. Hello. I'm looking to buy some richlite fretboard blanks in 60 cm x 10 cm. Black or other new colors. Located in Miami. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your answer, Curtisa. I'll give it a try later and see what happens.
  3. Awesome! Saw Adam (Elysian) made this some time ago but I never tried it. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Hello! I'm starting to experiment with negative frets ala Kubicki Factor X, Rick Toone, Strandberg, etc etc etc I have some questions: - How do I measure those 2 extra frets? I think that I can use the 10th fret of the scale I'm using as the new 12th fret, right. But don't know how to calculate those new extra negative frets. - Is this possible to do this with multiscale? Because Strandberg did it with a straight nut, but instead, Rick Toone, made it multiscale. Here are the examples: http://www.ricktoone.com/2012/02/blur-8-string-extended-range-guitar.html https://strandbergguitars.com/portfolio_page/16-demo/ https://strandbergguitars.com/portfolio_page/8-tosin-abasi-guitar/ - Also want to try a capoable solution. That would be a bonus. Thanks for reading! Frank.
  5. Hello! Looking for an electric guitar snakewood fretboard blank. I'm based on USA. Thanks, Frank.
  6. I bought some fretboards to Erik, his work is top notch
  7. Nice work, Julian. For be the first time working with metal you made it really well. Guys I invite you to the argentinian diyer web http://www.diyers.com.ar It's a very nice web, with cool guys.
  8. Yes, and they have all the pics on their web. I don't know what happens whith the legal issues.
  9. I have an issue, what happens with RAN guitars, that factory that recreates or "copy" (how do you want to call it) models from ESP, Dean, Jackson...? Frank.
  10. LGM exellent add man! A lot of new on the construction didn't know all that stuff, so that's a warning. A friend of mine was on the luthier class and a guy started to act strange, he was alergic of a wood, his throat, and they have to call the ambulance, that guy almost die there! so people have to take some cares about alergics and dangers of the woods. BTW LGM i saw Chris guitar, that 8 in nuclear green, exellent job man!
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