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  1. I got Satch's The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing in mp3 without Satch's part, if anyones interested Ill need to know how to post that thing please.
  2. http://home.flash.net/~guitars/wwwboard.html the re ranch forum
  3. should have named the thread "Hey bear, post all your links here!!!"
  4. run by the esp guitar guys, i had to post it before bear stumbled onto it, geez dude, u must really want some of that guitar cream dont you hehehe just kidding and the hell do i get rid of that damned hotmail crap from the link, it always does that to me grr
  5. and that note im never utilizing any kinda guitar lube again, actually i like the stuff called guitar grease, it works just fine and unless they change the color to something other than black like a off white or something then i think ill be ok hehehe jeremy
  6. http://www.buildyourguitar.com probably on here somewheres already http://www.sffi.org/RHhome.htm hopefully we can find out who this guy is and get him on here, is he here already?!?!?!?! everything else i find is already been posted, so sorry, i try jeremy
  7. like i said, i enjoyed everyone of them so far, i was joking around with ya dude, clamn down big guy, anyways, thanks for all the great links, much appreicated
  8. just give bear the stupid award already no actually enjoyed checking out the sites, thanks so much for everyone posting all this neat stuff, makes me wanna go chop down a tree and get busy
  9. bear, im drooling over all tha stuff, stop the insanity!!!!!!!!!!! off to build that bar be que dobro now and yeah, i posted a decent site, well im happy, ok im lazy so ill let bear and alex do all the work but just reading about it instead of actually going to learn it aint no fun, thats so appealing, if i only lived in oregon oh well
  10. i looked around, als aint listed as far as i can see, well it dont matter, im not worried about the pickup bobbins, or anything else prize wise, its just a site i have thought about doing and thought i would share with someone, its a great opportunity, as i seem to do well with the bolt on screw together instruments, but an awesome classical guitar build from scratch would be so awesome, oh well, if it is not listed the bobbin overlay would be cool, zebra pickups are always neato Jeremy
  11. http://www.americanschooloflutherie.com Probably already on here, i just joined the site and have not had time to look around, but there it is anyways, its something I would love to go and do. Jeremy ( sorry if its already posted on here somewheres) I try
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