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  1. '72 Tele Custom Club forum Not going for the sauce here, but still finding some interesting links. This is the forum of a '72 Telecaster Custom club. They are actually for any Tele Custom from '72 or later, including all of the reissues. (The funky Teles with the NECK humbuckers, and the micro tilt necks) It's a niche site, but kind of cool.
  2. Telecaster Discussion Page Reissue TDPRI You have to register to view the messages, but it's worth it. They also have a Tele Tech page, a Strat section, bass page, and amp page.
  3. Pickup Makers Forum For people who wind their own pickups.
  4. Kronosonic Kronosonic boards. Moderated by "Infinite Ego" (Some tech questions, home recording) Lots of popups to navigate though.
  5. Telemodders forum All about modified Telecasters.