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Entry for July 2020's Guitar Of The Month is open - ENTER HERE!


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  1. SwedishLuthier: I actually made the control cover a while ago i just lost my camera wires to connect the camera to the computer
  2. Okay I guess it's time for me to reenter. I think I did this all in late December early January. I really like this one, it's the best guitar I've ever built. Specs -Curly Spanish Cedar top -Poplar back -Strat Style Body -Bolt-on Neck with ferrules and a somewhat sculpted joint -Hardtail bridge -1 volume 1 tone -2 humbuckers -medium frets -rosewood fretborad -mop dots -black binding Edit: The white cover is just a temporary cover, I never got around to making the wooden or black cover. I'm gonna get that fixed and put new pics up today. -Carousel
  3. Wow! I really like that look. This is gonna be awesome.
  4. Your work is incredible! I love your creativity.
  5. ^THAT! that is a great shape for the pickguard.
  6. Love the walnut top! to get the bushings out I usually put a screw in the bushing through the hole at the bottom and screw the post in. It forces the bushing out.
  7. Definitely with a spoke shave or a rasp. If your inexperienced with spoke shaves use rasps, any one is capable of rasping.
  8. Well, I guess I'll just give this a shot for once... My entry is a semi-hollow body firebird with a curly cherry top and poplar back. The neck is zebrawood with a firebird inlay on the 12th fret. This was just a project I did for fun in about a 2 week span when I had a broken arm. I cant really think of a nickname for it unfortunately .
  9. I've never commented on this, but I've ben following this for a while. This is very impressive, It's turning out amazing.
  10. anywho--- always let paint/varnish coats dry rock solid before you even think about moving it ( i say this cos when refinishing at school, the rule is, move it, or have it stolen) otherwise, expect fingerprints everywhere amen measure 15 times before you cut or drill
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