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  1. Thanks for the comments and questions. ScottR the logo was cut into the wood with the router. Love the accuracy of the CNC. The same with the text on the maple. I did then go in and mask them off once I have the color and hand painted them. It was tiedious work. The covers were a little easier. I was able to core out the inside with forsner bit. Then a dremel and sand paper got the rest.
  2. Here are some shots of a recent build. It was a wedding present from the bride to the groom. I was able pull off a bunch nice tricks on this guitar while still trying to keep it classy and personalized. The back plate was a letter from the bride. She told me he was in tears when she presented it to him. I hope to go to a wedding someday and see this guitar on stage with the band. The body was CNC's. This was my first venture into that world. I mainly wanted to make sure the logo was cut right. And for having the body cut quickly it still took a ton of work to get it to the finished product. Interesting items: Body - Swamp Ash Toneguard - flamed maple Pickup covers - Ash Fretboard - Flamed maple and canary wood strip Gotoh bridge and tuners Cardnial Laquer
  3. I talked my wife into letting me take over the entire garage It takes time, I started with a small space then kept growing.
  4. Rubdowns are easy to apply. They usually send a few samples that you can play with it. The artwork is only what gets tranfered. There's no clear sheet like a waterslide. I've put them under clear and also put them on top. They are pretty durable once down. I have no issue with lacquer on top of the logo. Pretty sure tru-oil won't hurt it. You are correct about it getting expensive with 3 colors. You would have to buy a sheet per color. I put as many logos as I could get on an 11 x 17 because the cost came out better per logo. I have also use vinyl logos, which might be cheaper. Not sure. The issue with vinyl is you can't go really small. It's like a sticker.
  5. Rub downs can be pricey, but if you gang your logo up the cost comes down to less than a $1 each. Which is worth it, if you going to be making a ton of guitars. There are other companies out there doing rubdown transfers. Do a search online and find one that fits your cost. Larose Guitars turned me on to Scary Creative. His headstocks always look clean and professional.
  6. Try Scary Creative. They do a lot of guitar builders rubdowns. They did a set of metallics for me. Good quality. I use to use vinyl. This is much better. http://www.scarycreative.com/Scary-Rub-On-Down-Transfers/
  7. Name: Supernatural #1 Body - Swamp Ash with a flamed maple "toneguard" Neck - 5 ply Maple & Walnut Fretboard - Rosewood with Maple strip, 10" - 14" compound Radius with jumbo frets Tuners - Spertzles Pickups - EMG X's Tremolo - Floyd Rose Finish - Green Orange tint with water-based satin body and a tru oiled neck Knobs - Handmade out of maple This guitar was made as a tribute to Living Colour and Vernon Reid. I was able to give it to him when they played in Dallas. I just received a track from Vernon of him playing the guitar. Check it out here. I also added a pic of him with the guitar.
  8. Gone Fishing Resin Cast body - embedded heavily weathered barn wood, vintage lures, hook tin, Bomber Lures box, and a Split Shot tin Fretboard is Flamed Maple with a Rosewood strip, compound radius 10"-14" Pickguard - Red Oak Back - Cedar with walnut strip Backplate - Leaktite #5 Neck - Mahogany, Walnut, Mahogany Electronics - Alnico 5 single coils Oil Finish Built to be donated to the Richardson Wildflower Festival More picks on my facebook page. NEW I just added a demo video.
  9. Here's a demo video that the new owner Ken made. Good stuff.
  10. 12 String Gretsch/Tele This was an idea dreamed up by a fiend of mine. He loves Orange Gretsch hollow bodies, Fender pro shop Gretsch Tele, and he really wanted a 12 sting ( He loves the Rickenbacker). So we can up with the 12 String Gretsch tele. Then he added the piezo to it. It look me almost a month of testing to make sure the headstock would work. Lots went into it. Top - Carved Flame Maple Back - Semihollow Alder/P. Walnut/Alder Rosewood Fingerboard Gretsch style thumb MOP inlays Peruvian Walnut Neck Flame Maple headstock Rosewood/brass Bridge Brass nut Magnetic wooden back cover TV Jones Pickups Ghost System Piezo bridge Ghost system onboard preamp Dual Volume - Magnetic/Piezo Pick up Tone control 12 Gotoh Gold Tuners Mohawk Orange toner Mohawk Guitar Lacquer My forum build journey http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/topic/46750-12-string-gretsch-tele/
  11. Thanks for the comments on the tailpiece. The new one works like a charm. I did string it up as a 6 sting and it worked fine. It was the tention of the last 6 that did it in. I also felt a lot more comfortable stinging it as a 6 string first and working out most of the kinks before adding the other six. This is my first 12 string and I wasn't even sure about the string spacing. I decided to make a brass nut to give it a little more twang. Her are some shot of making the nut.
  12. You got that right Scott. 12 string tailpiece take 2. This one is made with 1 piece of wood and has a brass plate on the bottom. It will hold the tension much better.
  13. I was making some great progress. Then disaster struck. I was adding the 6 drone strings when the wooden tailpiece decided it had had enough. It flew off in 3 different pieces. Luckily not scratching anything. I have calmed down and started on a new tailpiece design. One that is much stronger and a lot more simple. I take pics tomorrow.
  14. Finally working on the wiring. It's very tight with the Ghost system. Hopefully I will able to crank it up this weekend.
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