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  1. I talked my wife into letting me take over the entire garage It takes time, I started with a small space then kept growing.
  2. Rubdowns are easy to apply. They usually send a few samples that you can play with it. The artwork is only what gets tranfered. There's no clear sheet like a waterslide. I've put them under clear and also put them on top. They are pretty durable once down. I have no issue with lacquer on top of the logo. Pretty sure tru-oil won't hurt it. You are correct about it getting expensive with 3 colors. You would have to buy a sheet per color. I put as many logos as I could get on an 11 x 17 because the cost came out better per logo. I have also use vinyl logos, which might be cheaper. Not sure. The issue with vinyl is you can't go really small. It's like a sticker.
  3. Rub downs can be pricey, but if you gang your logo up the cost comes down to less than a $1 each. Which is worth it, if you going to be making a ton of guitars. There are other companies out there doing rubdown transfers. Do a search online and find one that fits your cost. Larose Guitars turned me on to Scary Creative. His headstocks always look clean and professional.
  4. Try Scary Creative. They do a lot of guitar builders rubdowns. They did a set of metallics for me. Good quality. I use to use vinyl. This is much better. http://www.scarycreative.com/Scary-Rub-On-Down-Transfers/
  5. Name: Supernatural #1 Body - Swamp Ash with a flamed maple "toneguard" Neck - 5 ply Maple & Walnut Fretboard - Rosewood with Maple strip, 10" - 14" compound Radius with jumbo frets Tuners - Spertzles Pickups - EMG X's Tremolo - Floyd Rose Finish - Green Orange tint with water-based satin body and a tru oiled neck Knobs - Handmade out of maple This guitar was made as a tribute to Living Colour and Vernon Reid. I was able to give it to him when they played in Dallas. I just received a track from Vernon of him playing the guitar. Check it out here. I also added a pic of him with the guitar.
  6. Gone Fishing Resin Cast body - embedded heavily weathered barn wood, vintage lures, hook tin, Bomber Lures box, and a Split Shot tin Fretboard is Flamed Maple with a Rosewood strip, compound radius 10"-14" Pickguard - Red Oak Back - Cedar with walnut strip Backplate - Leaktite #5 Neck - Mahogany, Walnut, Mahogany Electronics - Alnico 5 single coils Oil Finish Built to be donated to the Richardson Wildflower Festival More picks on my facebook page. NEW I just added a demo video.
  7. Here's a demo video that the new owner Ken made. Good stuff.
  8. 12 String Gretsch/Tele This was an idea dreamed up by a fiend of mine. He loves Orange Gretsch hollow bodies, Fender pro shop Gretsch Tele, and he really wanted a 12 sting ( He loves the Rickenbacker). So we can up with the 12 String Gretsch tele. Then he added the piezo to it. It look me almost a month of testing to make sure the headstock would work. Lots went into it. Top - Carved Flame Maple Back - Semihollow Alder/P. Walnut/Alder Rosewood Fingerboard Gretsch style thumb MOP inlays Peruvian Walnut Neck Flame Maple headstock Rosewood/brass Bridge Brass nut Magnetic wooden back cover TV Jones Pickups Ghost System Piezo bridge Ghost system onboard preamp Dual Volume - Magnetic/Piezo Pick up Tone control 12 Gotoh Gold Tuners Mohawk Orange toner Mohawk Guitar Lacquer My forum build journey http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/topic/46750-12-string-gretsch-tele/
  9. Thanks for the comments on the tailpiece. The new one works like a charm. I did string it up as a 6 sting and it worked fine. It was the tention of the last 6 that did it in. I also felt a lot more comfortable stinging it as a 6 string first and working out most of the kinks before adding the other six. This is my first 12 string and I wasn't even sure about the string spacing. I decided to make a brass nut to give it a little more twang. Her are some shot of making the nut.
  10. You got that right Scott. 12 string tailpiece take 2. This one is made with 1 piece of wood and has a brass plate on the bottom. It will hold the tension much better.
  11. I was making some great progress. Then disaster struck. I was adding the 6 drone strings when the wooden tailpiece decided it had had enough. It flew off in 3 different pieces. Luckily not scratching anything. I have calmed down and started on a new tailpiece design. One that is much stronger and a lot more simple. I take pics tomorrow.
  12. Finally working on the wiring. It's very tight with the Ghost system. Hopefully I will able to crank it up this weekend.
  13. Here's a quick little video of the binding being scraped.
  14. Finally sprayed some color. Photo looks red, but it more orange in person. I am scraping the binding now. I must have used the wrong tape, because there is a ton of residue on the binding. This will take some time and patients.
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