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  1. FYI, it's Hopslam time. If you want any this year better get looking for it!
  2. Man Scott, I love it. Looking at the latest photos of the body, it looks like it could be the big brother to the little guitar I built for my girls. IPA burst and all!
  3. Yes, the Enjoy By was, unfortunately, filtered. They even put a label on the side of the box explaining the screw up. No, not heavy pine tar on the Hoptimum. Piny like most Sierra Nevada stuff, but nothing over the top.
  4. Since I moved last fall I've been building/rebuilding my shop. I used to live close enough to my father in law to use his tools for rough wood prep (planing and jointing and whatnot). But we're a bit further away now, and I've a bit more shop space. So, new additions: I should be adding a planer in the next few weeks, then I just need to build some additional storage and I'll be pretty well organized!
  5. This weekend I had the latest Stone Enjoy By, Sierra Nevada Hoptimum (always a favorite), and Prairie Artisan Ales Birthday Bomb! All good stuff.
  6. The third place finisher, Blue Pants Pils, is local to me. It's quite good for a pilsner, that's just not my favorite style...
  7. Still no mandola update, knee deep in house projects. But this is at least instrument related. I came into a rather nice supply of walnut! My father in law and brother in law bought all the hardwood off a family friend whose father, an avid woodworker, had died several years before. He and his mother decided to clear out the house, and the guy had hardwood stored everywhere. This lot came out of the attic! We still have more to move, and more of it will be mine, but this is a couple hundred board feet that they were nice enough to give to me for helping them lug wood around. Pretty sweet deal! Some boards have cracked ends, some are rather strangely sawn, but many are beautiful, including quite a few figured pieces and some live edged boards. I'll use some for instruments, some for furniture, and some for other smaller projects. Walnut has started to get ridiculously expensive, so this was quite a windfall!
  8. Kentucky Breakfast Stout is a once a year release that sells out fast. It is bourbon barrel aged, which I often like, but that's a very variable thing. It can be easily overdone. And this is extremely sweet and rich from the barrel aging. I wouldn't want to drink more than one in a sitting, for sure. But I don't eat much sugar in general these days, so it doesn't take that much to become overwhelming for me. And yeah, I do prefer the regular Founders Breakfast Stout, personally. One of our local breweries has a really good bourbon barrel aged old ale, and what they do is mix a fresh batch and an aged batch until they get the right amount of bourbon barrel character that they are looking for. Seems to work really well in my opinion.
  9. I had a pint of Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout yesterday. It's good, but super rich. I actually preferred the local brew I had after it, Blue Pants Supercool DIPA. Really juicy and tasty. Wish they'd hurry up and come out with it in cans again.
  10. So, I just finished up sampling a handful of beers sent from a Georgian benefactor. I took pictures, but they're all quite dark (new phone cam that I haven't figured out yet), and since pictures of all of them have been posted recently (or soon will be) in this very thread I will just give an overview on my thoughts: 1. Creature Comforts, Cosmik Debris - Very tropical nose. One of the more pungent double IPAs I can remember in that regard. The head disappeared to almost nothing within a minute after pouring. The taste, somewhat thin on the malt side of things, but good hops presence. The bitterness became more evident as I neared the end of the glass. Could have used a bit more malt backbone to even out the hops, in my opinion. Overall solid. 2. Creature Comforts, Loopulus - Not quite as pungent as the Cosmik Debris, but more balanced flavor. I liked the haziness of it, a little thicker in the mouth. Highly enjoyable double IPA! 3. Creature Comforts, Cellerman's Spirit - Also quite hazy. Kind of a toned down version of the Loopulus. A really nice, smooth IPA. Could definitely drink a lot of this! 4. Creature Comforts, Awaken, My Love - I think there is a pretty solid stout hidden in here somewhere, below the slightly overwhelming cinnamon/spice. Got better as I drank it, the cinnamon seemed to ease off a bit and you could taste the rest of the beer. Pretty unbalanced, unfortunately. 5. Burial Brewing, Skillet Donut Stout - A solid, enjoyable Imperial Stout. Kind of basic, but very smooth. I think I prefer a bit more roasted character/coffee in my stouts. Something a bit more 'in your face'. But overall still quite nice.
  11. Yeah, almost. An octave is usually 20-22" in scale length, so a bit smaller. A mandocello would be closest in size to a guitar. Those are probably even more rare than octave mandolins. Octave mandolins also come in a variety of body shapes, many more traditional to the mandolin and less guitar-like. The guitar bodied octave mandolin is a relatively recent phenomenon.
  12. Never heard of Hog Waller Scramble, but it makes me think of this song:
  13. Wild Turkey 101 is quite tasty as well. Best Scotch I've ever had: The Balvenie Caribbean Cask I really enjoy bourbon, and it's mostly what I drink these days, what with all the carbs in beer. But it took me a long time to get there. It was actually drinking bourbon barrel aged beers that sort of backed me into it. Enjoying a pour of Elijah Craig Small Batch this evening, which is my 'go to' bourbon. Others in a similar budget range that I really like are: Wild Turkey 101, Buffalo Trace, and Eagle Rare
  14. My wife and I spent the weekend in Atlanta, went over there for a concert. We went to a really great restaurant in Decatur called Leon's Full Service. The building used to be a full service gas station. Tremendous pub grub. The place was opened by the owners of The Brick Store Pub, which is one of the best beer bars in the world. So, naturally they had a nice draft selection. Got to try a few different brews, a couple fairly local: Creature Comforts, Coffee Reclaimed Rye Three Taverns, A Night on Ponce IPA 21st Amendment, Baby Horse Quad All were excellent!
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