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  1. Such a beautiful work of art Scott, you really have proved that amazing things can happen when you embark without a rigid plan and let the creativity happen along the way
  2. Absolutely loving this thread, in today's throw away world so good to see something get beautifully restored
  3. Making these kind of decisions is part of the fun, hey, that is a great shape and a one piece body is always special, especially when it has grain that looks like a flying V right in the middle of it
  4. That is a lovely piece of timber on the top Scott, how long does it take you to chisel the contours into a top like that?
  5. Yep its looking great hope the binding goes well
  6. That looks fantastic, are you going to post a photo of the whole guitar with the headstock showing?
  7. The myrtle burl looks sensational, in the second piece I can see a quizzical beagle and above him the witch from Snow White.
  8. Plans for a jig to cut a scarf joint with a hand saw on my Cherry Bomb thread page 2 PS if you use the plan just scroll down to the picture of the jig being used to correct the placement of one of the dowel guides.
  9. That is a fantastic guitar it looks and sounds awesome, zebra stripes really do it for me
  10. So beautiful, love the colours popping like that under the gloss.
  11. Magnificent job on this, what an awesome result.
  12. Yep Curtisa you are right 3 mm is too thin for a template, Steve switch to 6mm mdf for templates and you should be fine
  13. This is looking incredible, Battle of Evermore for its first song?
  14. Looking fantastic Scott, what has to be done before the neck goes on?
  15. The body shape looks great, if it is a softer pine species it might be worth putting some hardwood veneer on the back that would stop buckle rash really gouging divets out. Does anyone know whether painting superglue on the the neck pocket surfaces would strengthen it?
  16. Very true about the MDF and the mask, love seeing the templates getting made.
  17. Fantastic guitar, it sounds excellent, great to see it getting played and in the workshop. Lots of cool touches, like the headstock shape and logo
  18. Always great to chat to you Scott, really enjoying seeing your mandolin take shape. My buddies and I have been hard at work recording 6 original songs. Here is the Neve desk in the studio, I have been using a blend of real tube amp plus the pod modeling amp. Just about to have one of these strange beers. Look forward to seeing more sawdust
  19. UFO the tiny plane is so cool, and the mando top is looking amazing
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