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  1. I find myself doing the same thing....on every build. SR Haha we share a few traits On the downhill run now, its the 4 day Easter Weekend so I should be able to get all the coats on in this time. Strange thing with this timber the dark parts in the grain become the lightest parts when the angle is changed, funny, is there a name for that?
  2. The experimental and fun approach to guitar building, it's great that you go with that philosophy.
  3. I am digging the grain in that fretboard, with the subtle radius this will be a shred machine.
  4. Coat number 3, 7 more coats to go
  5. Cheers Chris, I am very glad I documented a couple of previous builds because this time I had to check back a few times to see how to do some steps I have done one body round over with a router previously and I did enjoy doing this one by hand. I could get the edge just as I wanted it, not how the router bit wanted it. To do anything rounder though I would probably go for the router to get the uniformity.
  6. Listening to these albums, hoping the tone of this guitar is going to be as good, AC/DC - Back in Black Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King T.Rex - Electric Warier Slash - World on Fire Mick Ronson - Play Don't Worry L.A. Guns - Cocked and Loaded Kiss - Hotter Than Hell Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation Van Halen - 1984 Backyard Babies - Making Enemies is Good Thin Lizzy - The Black Rose Garry Moore - Over the Hills Steve Vai - Passion and Warfare Billy Idol - Rebel Yell Rounding over the edges Ready for stain I stained it dark red, then sanded back and stained again with a more dilute stain, just about to get the first coat of 2 pack on it
  7. Pricking through the veneer with a brad point Stuck a 6 mm brad point in the hole from the other side and cleaned up the holes with a dowel with sandpaper wrapped around it The veneer hides the scarf joint and blends in OK with the rest of the headstock Just got to open up the truss rod hole, I need to get some thinner dowel to do that and have a go at making the old fashioned Ibanez truss rod cover
  8. You have a fantastic neighbour, those mudbugs look delicious, and the wood work looks awesome.
  9. Who are you? And what have you done with our friend killemall? Well, that was all it took for me to say before something went wrong again... Ruined a neck for custom build yet again... Feels good to live up to my reputation. Glad you haven't been kidnapped, hope the next neck goes smoothly, how did you &$#@ up the first one?
  10. Cleverness again. I'm pretty sure I'm going to steal that. SR Glad to see you find a useful technique to use later on, it's the same principle as the way you flatten and square off using your perspex block, just different moveable parts and scaled down a whole lot. Also the first time I have ever fitted an acoustic/Gibson style nut and my first slant headstock. Drawing about 4 mm outside the headstock template on maple veneer for the front of the headstock. The clamping caul is upper left. I cut the veneer with a craft knife, put pva glue on both surfaces, positioned and clamped down.
  11. Sandpaper attached to the base of the nut with double sided tape, trimmed flush with a craft knife Rubbing the nut/sandpaper back and forth to square off and seat the nut Mixing up Aquadhere half and half with water to stick in the nut Got my nut stuck on Next step veneer on the headstock to cover the scarf joint
  12. Who are you? And what have you done with our friend killemall?
  13. I am going to try and get as close to the 1970's solid colour as I can using a transparent finish and Stew Mac Cherry Red stain http://www.stewmac.com/Materials_and_Supplies/Finishing_Supplies/Colors_and_Tints_and_Stains/ColorTone_Liquid_Stains.html I couldn't find a Destroyer editor so I had to use an SG editor to mock up the hardware combination I am thinking of
  14. Yes it needs cleaned up a bit before the stain goes on, and the edges need the sharpness taken off as well. Also I have to decide on the headstock colour, leaning towards matching red rather than black at the moment.
  15. Drilling down into the cavity Drilling space for the pup mounting bolts and that is all the woodwork done time for this thing to turn red
  16. Here's the installation for drilling the connection channel from the neck pickup cavity to the bridge pickup cavity, the guitar body is lined up on a centre line drawn on the table, the BOWWADHII is 90 degrees to this, with a hole that leaves 1.5 mm clearance between the drill bit and the bottom of the neck cavity. It came through OK into the bridge PU cavity
  17. What? You are going fast as lightning, the burl top looks amazing are you going to fill the two small valleys?
  18. BOWWADHII coming up very soon mate The paint can tower went straight up, the cardboard box was the second choice, then I fine tuned the height via the drill press stage until the bubble was between the lines on the level. That installation looks so funny and ramshackle, but it was surprisingly stable and did the job
  19. Brutalizing the heel then smoothed with sandpaper Here is my installation for holding the body level to drill the neck holes testing the depth done
  20. Planing the screw holes for the screw on neck join Drawing inside the neck template Cut out and marked up like the plans pricked, I ended up moving the lower right one a few mm drilled from the top position and starting on the AAAJ
  21. Its going to be Viking helmet horns with rings dangling on them
  22. Great slab of timber for the body, yep Scott's advice for the bottom bearing bit to finish off is the technique I have used a few times,
  23. Cheers Chris, Just realised that the routing on this is all done, next stage is put the screw holes in the neck pocket and shape the heel. Those Category 5 amps look awesome, I must try one out sometime.
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