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  1. On 7/10/2016 at 2:58 AM, DandHcustoms said:

    I saw some one else on here or sso that had a similar jig so I had to make one it's a great idea! 


    A router sled  isn't terrible for cutting scarf joints it just takes some time to get the Jig set up properly and of course actually cut the scarf. Where are you located there may be somebody from this group that is close by that wouldn't mind helping you outmind helping you out

    Plans for a jig to cut a scarf joint with a hand saw on my Cherry Bomb thread page 2 :)

    PS if you use the plan just scroll down to the picture of the jig being used to correct the placement of one of the dowel guides.

  2. Always great to chat to you Scott, really enjoying seeing your mandolin take shape. My buddies and I have been hard at work recording 6 original songs. Here is the Neve desk in the studio, I have been using a blend of real tube amp plus the pod modeling amp. Just about to have one of these strange beers. Look forward to seeing more sawdust :)




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