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  1. Okay, you gotta throw out a clue, is the leg rest still gonna be comfy when the carving is finished?

    Well, this carve is going to have some edges to go with the soft curves I normally carve, but everywhere it contacts your body should be smooth and comfy. As far as how this offset design fits against your leg while seated......man I have no clue. :blink:


    Not to worry Scotty. If its not too comfy on yer leg when your sitting its no big deal.

    Just so long as when your standing with your left foot up on a big moniter, with yer 26 Marshall stacks lined up behind you, shredding with the left hand, waving a katana over your head catching lightning bolts with the right hand, hair blasting back in the wind from your 2 36 inch fans blowing up from the stage floor - all while being cheerd on by your 700,000 strong audience of tyrannosarus rex fans who traveled thru space & time to come see you make steve vai look like an amature. then its all good.


    Don't forget the lasers, there's gotta be lasers.


    Reflecting off the studs on your codpiece, covering your spandex pants

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  2. Looking good, the top is lovely. It's a good idea to just practice with the router, trying to take too much wood away in one go is the mistake everyone makes. I wonder how I still have a nose after my first attempts at using a router. Learn to listen to how it sounds when it is cutting well and the sound it makes as a warning when it starts to get overloaded. Great job you did on the control cavity.

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  3. What would help is a bendy curve that you can get from craft, office supply shops etc. http://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/staedtler-flexible-curves-400mm-st57160400

    they are great for drawing curves and checking curves. The easiest way would be get the curves just right on a template and run around it with the router. Did you get the bottom bearing pattern following router bit yet? That and a top bearing do a great job in bringing a body flush with a template. All the best of luck with it.

  4. Cheers Chris!

    I'm glad you are enjoying this. I know I am. Hopefully you'll get some ideas.....and I'm sure I'll be doing some things you probably shouldn't try. I tend to be somewhat unothodox in my builds and use methods that I enjoy artistically as opposed to the easiest and most repeatable methods. Some of them probably should have a disclaimer: closed course, or do not try this at home, or possibly, no actual animals were harmed during this build. :D


    The experimental and fun approach to guitar building, it's great that you go with that philosophy.

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  5. Well cool! There appears to be some interest in how this thing may turn out. I honestly am not sure how much I'm going to like it compared to my more normal(ish) builds.....but the idea has been fermenting in my head for going on six months now. I gotta get it out see how it will work.

    Thanks for the early encouragement!


    My early encouragement too, love to see these timbers and techniques being used.

  6. Sorry hit the wrong button and posted the last one before I finish. I was asking about scarf joint necks. I know the les paul neck construction is week around the headstock and the scarf joint fixes that issue and helps from bending and twisting. I know there is a few way of doing the scarf joint, but which one would be best and the less visible?

    I think different people will have different ideas on which type of scarf joint is best, but the plans to make some simple jigs and do a scarf joint that is in the headstock are at my post starting here

    if you put veneer on either side of the headstock the joint will be close to invisible, good luck with it.

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