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  1. After the success of my 4 string mini-guitar this past summer that I built for my god-son, I've decided to build another. (here's the thread for the first one: 4 string kids mini-guitar ) This time it will be for my first child. We're not pregnant yet, but intend to start trying within the next few months, so I figured I'd get a head start and start planning this thing out now. I've got a plan completed that shares some visual similarities with my previous attempt, but is a bit more sophisticated and less 'jaunty'.

    Wow, just saw that this build was started in 2008, I will never feel slow again :) It's turning out to be a beautiful guitar with a beautiful purpose, I might have missed it but has the intended recipient arrived yet?

  2. Wow, lots of new beers to add to my must try list. Scott, the pic I posted on the misc thread was Lucky beer from China, in a buddha shaped bottle so you can rub his belly for luck. It's a nice crisp beer good for a sunny afternoon. Had some of these Atomic beers on the weekend, very bitter in a good way.


  3. Hey Scott. So when you hand my ass to me on a plate after this months GOTM, can you put a little garnish & some BBQ sauce on there aswell please :D


    I'll bring the barbeque, you bring the beer, we'll set some lawn chairs in front a fire and watch it together.


    Oh I am coming to that barbeque too, I will bring even more beer :) and some chilli prawn skewers and a pavlova. Awesome guitar Scott :)

  4. Thanks, Nevin.

    Stunning.... finally!


    Thanks and shhhhhhh, she'll hear you.

    She's obviously female and one thing I know for sure about females (and yes there is only one thing about them I know for sure), is they are going to be late. The more you have to say about them being late the later they are going to be. This one has already come up with interesting ways to be late. Nothing you can say will stop them from being late, but saying nothing will at least stop them from being later.


    Ha ha that is so true, but when she comes out wearing such a beautiful coat we'll forgive her :)

  5. Why, thank you Muzz. What you been up to? You've been kind of scarce lately.


    Mate, I have been so busy, flat out like a lizard drinking. I moved house and I am down to my last two boxes to unpack. And I left the pop/rock band I have been with for a few years and joined an old school style heavy rock/metal band. I am loving it, playing music from Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, Metallica, AC/DC, Guns n' Roses. Looking forward to seeing more pics of your build :)

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