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  1. aint see your stuff for ages Andy ! cool build
  2. One last point. You should never take more than 1/4 the cutter depth (some say 1/2 but I use an 1/8) in one pass anyway so you would step these cuts in small increments. I also try not to remove more than the cutter blade width from the sides using a router. So if the carbide blades on your spiral bit are 1/16" I try not to remove more than a 1/16" for the sides of my cuts. With smaller increments climb is rarely and issue. Take human bites! I am by no means a router expert as I hate them. So google your information at will... half the diameter of the tool is using conventional router or twice the diameter if using spiral flute. there are chip load calcs all over the net but spiral flutes normally need to be run pretty fast.. OP, are you using a hand router ? if so I would be tempted to just use a standard single straight flute router bit.
  3. ahh, the smartphone is awesome ! I use it to take a quick snapshot and e-mail it straight to the customer. I will be careful of the diary taking over my life like i said above, I use it as a landmark to end the working day otherwise things get out of hand. J.
  4. I made a jig that clamps to the drill press base and the guitar slides into it. ill no doubt have some pics of that appearing soon
  5. haha, thanks man. wondering if it will raise any interesting questions on techniques. Like nmost of us Ive never worked with another luthier and this is as close as it gets to looking over my shoulder.. all comments are welcome. J.
  6. Chaps, just started a new workshop diary thing which I have to admit was inspired by Ben at Crimson Guitars. its a great way to put a full stop at the end of your working day because if you are like me, I can often work through the night so, usually updated every day, the workshop diary: http://www.jadenroseguitars.com/category/diary/ enjoy. J.
  7. I made this one for myself so dont feel bad about entering The Boss mahogany body with slab wenge top wenge and purpleheart 5 laminate, one piece neck ebony fingerboard stainless jescar frets DiMarzio's hipshot bridge and locking tuners no photoshop trickery or colour changing, just background removal.
  8. they should do at that price, i agree, it looks good.
  9. where are you ? I stock OFR in black nickel.
  10. Hi guys, we are currently producing 20 guitars per month, just a couple of diary type vids with some info, more will come soon with some details etc. just a quick look around at the workshop for those who may be interested. Part 1 Part 2
  11. yep, i agree.. the dimple really stands out as a great looking first build with a lot of the detail looking very tidy.. loved the tortoise too.. i didnt vote for myself build have been thin on the ground the last couple of months !
  12. This is the E.R.O Body: mahogany with maple and purpleheart inlayed to 1/2" deep before carving to the standard original series shape. ebony binding DiMarzio pickups gotoh bridge simulated ivory knobs neck: 3 piece wenge and purpleheart with quartersawn wenge headstock birdseye fingerboard ebony binding ebony nut gold tuners
  13. Well, I said i wouldnt enter again, but this is a special guitar.. i have a couple more special ones coming up too.. no name, just a purpleheart original series TT body: purpleheart and alder laminate vol, tone and push/push coil tap OFR in ruthenium ruthenium toggle DiMarzio pickups wood cavity covers which is unusual for me Neck: single piece 5 laminate maple and purpleheart neck rosewood board true temperament frets schaller mini's in ruthenium Pics: and a video demo, poor sound on voice but ok for playing.
  14. between simo and jester for me, jesters guitar is a corker but the tailpiece just didnt fit.. simo's crisp build got my vote, great looking finish from the RPC too !
  15. im copying this job advert Perry, quite possibly the most forthright, mildly intimidating, yet inviting and exciting vacancy I have ever seen good luck, im sure you'll find your man. J.
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