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  1. This is a fantastic guitar ! I love her ! The headstock is beautiful but you need a logo for it ! Congratulations !
  2. I´m not sure but Brian May didn´t use oak in his guitar ? He ebonized his fingerboard but are you sure that you will do that ? This oak looks nice in natural.
  3. Thank you Paul, I appreciate your words. And appreciate your work also, two years ago I made a Firefly amp using your chassis layout. It´s a great amp !
  4. Wait, wait, wait ! It was only a thought...
  5. Good work John ! The colours work for me, it looks really nice for a travel guitar. Which are its final dimentions ? I think that it needs a custom case ! Corvus, corvus, corvus
  6. Not a bad design for a headless... and you will solve the balance problems... Just my 2 cents.
  7. Hi Daniel, this acoustic is the same that began Littleman and you last October ?
  8. A pic of the guitar + Line 6 Spider III HD75 head + 2x12 cab (finished a couple of days ago) :
  9. There´s no problem : First I put the tuner jaw in the place nearest the hardtail (remember that the tuners are placed under the hardtail). Then I pass the string through the jaw : Then the string pass through the hardtail directly to the nut and then to the headpiece. The headpiece has screws to hold the strings : Now I have to use the tuner pegs to intonate the strings. That´s all !
  10. Thanks a lot Zyonsdream ! You are right about the knob´s placement, but remember that one of the original ideas was that this guitar could be easily modifficated for a lefty player (like my son) and with this specification in mind the placement has to be symetrical.
  11. Thanks Kenggg ! In this case vote for her in the GOTM !
  12. Welcome to the forum and thanks Matti, this is a great place to learn, with very smart people that want to help. If you have questions about my little baby (called ¨Baby Rocker¨ now) please post them. Enjoy the forum !
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