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  1. really? ill need to check that out. if only strings were aluminum. then they could be anodized. and anodization is cool as all hell!
  2. ok fine.............2 months....................BAH why do people always know MORE THAN ME ON THIS FORUM!
  3. nice guitar WES! I'll probably enter mine in next month's competition! Cutting out back tommorow! Started sanding. Man is sanding maple by hand a BIT** or what?
  4. went with lex. thats a great guitar. my second was Ryes RH1 Proto. Thats a nice lookin guitar. but i g2g with lex on this one. sry fellas
  5. ......... oh my sweet f******* god. that is the best back carve. i've ever seen. HOW DID YOU DO IT! THAT IS AMAZING. I swear to god i had an idea like that for an Archtop. I had no idea how to do it. PLEASE enter that next month ITS AMAZING!
  6. NICE INLAY MAN! i love the leaves! And the guitar looks NICE as hell! beautiful shape!
  7. groovy man! can definately dig the purpleheart. Oh and rye i can send you a bootleg copy of photo. or provide a site for you to dl it from. *heh* pm me
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