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  1. Here is another 8 string I built for Chris letchford of Scale the Summit. 25.5" scale Tuned low B to high G Curly maple Droptop over African Mahogany body. African Mahogany/maple neck Bokote Fretboard Custom wound Nordstrand pups Hipshot bridge Planet waves tuners Fiber optic side dots with 4 position rotary switch for multi colored fiber optics (off/red/ blue/green) The burst was shot directly on the wood using aniline dye with an airbrush.
  2. I just finished this one this week. I call it "Orion" 30" scale Black Limba body Curly Maple/Wenge/Purple Heart set neck Macassar Ebony F/B Lundgren M-8 pickup Matching wood pup cover, and control plate Strung with .010-.080
  3. No, once the decal is applied, you just need to spray a very thin coat to tack it down, then apply normal clearcoats.
  4. I`m new here to the boards and noticed this was an old thread. I introduced this method to Washburn years ago when they introduced the MG series droptops. Rout a series of parallel kerfs to the underside of the top at the angle where the arm scarf will be bent. Steam the top for 1.5 minutes and use a radiused caul for clamping or before you throw it in the vacuum bag. Mike
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