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  2. So what method do you use now? Off the top of my head... -route the outer edge to a uniform final depth -if the pickup plane is to remain flat, mark off that area -doodle some topographic lines as required -hog off the bulk with a grinder -switch to chisels, planes, scrapers... you name it -fine tune with sandpaper I haven't done a tutorial in a while, but Jason Schroeder shows you exactly what I'm talking about in these photos... http://www.flickr.com/photos/23662702@N03/sets/72157623862258333/with/4576081469/
  3. Wow, there is a blast from my past! To be honest, I don't use that router jig all that much anymore. I've become somewhat more adept at using an angle grinder for roughing, but I absolutely do not recommend a grinder until you build up some practice hours. A grinder is quick way to turn a quilt top into a pile of sawdust . I also wouldn't recommend either method for the type of carve you're shooting for on the horns. I would tackle that with hand tools. Good luck with your build! Mike
  4. I just eyeball them with a spokeshave Mike
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