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  1. just looking through this thread, the whole concept seems very innovative =] as for the quick connect... Couldn't you perhaps have 1/4" jack sockets countersunk into the body of the guitar, with 1/4" jacks on the end of the neck peice? i'd imagine it wouldnt degrade the signal at all, you could perhaps use one for each pickup too. You'd have to use Stereo Jacks/Socket i'd imagine. Just tossing an idea out there.
  2. anyone got a roswell rhoads cad blueprint ?
  3. right so : what is the name of this switch ? quadruple pole double throw ? it looks complicated , is this placed before or after the original pickup selector ? or does it replace the pickup selector ? secondly , on the fetzer / ruby , there is only one output wire so do you just connect this to one midde pin , then connect that to the pin next to it ?
  4. hi ok , so , im planning to check out getting components and perf board how do you split the signal of the bridge so that part of it goes to the 5 way switch and the rest goes to the fetzer / ruby circuit ? also , how do you wire a bypass switch so that it cuts of the 5 way selector , activating only the driver and the bridge pickup ? thanks im currently working out the layout of the circuit on perfboard i have the layout sorted the only thing i have to figure out is just the harmonic switch , im guetting there with it any help / and the other switch as detailed above
  5. hmm im torn between what to do my expermintal side is thinking YEAH GO FOR IT but i dont want to wreck a guitar how much can this al be built for out of intrest ?
  6. hmm i think it seems a little to complez for me i think ill go for a compressor/sustain pedal , cheaper and less hassle but thanks anyway would i make a harmonic mode by phazing my bridge pickup then running it through the guitar , into the pedal ? its a little off topic but it still involves sustain
  7. i dunno to look pretty ok , but would that be wired up right ? and whats the power amp ? just an op amp circuit before the driver and switch ? something like this : (might to view full size to see clearly)
  8. ok so this : but the speaker is replaced by the driver ? then just and op amp power booster ? then a phaze reversal switch ? crude diagram :
  9. ok thanks although modding my newest guitar when im new to this may not be to clever i do have a S-S-S strat , would that be easier ? so you need a preamp and a mini poweramp ? then a dpdt to switch between the two magnets on the bottom of the driver ? why so much amplification ? does it dont work otherwise also , is there a schematic of the whole preamp > poweramp > harmonic switch ? i think it would help newbies (like me) to understand it easier thanks oh , and couldnt you do what sustainiac do ? coil tap the lower coil so that only the driver of the humbucker is on ? effectively making it a single coil diver , then when its deactivated the coil tap turns off and the full humbucker is engaged , just a thought
  10. sorry , computer problems , double posted real version | | | V
  11. sustain is always something ive wanted since ive seen the videos of dave kusher and his fernandes so do i have this right : the driver (ontop of the neck pickup) > feeds into a preamp board > on/off switch + harmonic mode switch > pickup selector > tone and volume > jack is that right ? how do you create the harmonic mod with the preamp board ? a schematic anyone ? im guessing that placing the driver on top of the neck pickup means that you can still use the neck pickup when the driver is not activated can someone give me a schematic for the preamp borad with on/off and harmonic mode switch and possibly the sustain length pot thanks
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