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Entry for October 2019's Guitar Of The Month is now open!


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  1. Wow ! Congrats to both Seb and Massimo! Great work and attention to detail! Very honoured to lose to your creations guys, they were truly unique and inspiring!
  2. Hi! Haven't posted in a while. Some time ago I made a Gretsch-o-tele project and named it after my daughter. So... This is Danae! It's close to an orange chicken , but it has a flat top and a bolt-on neck. The body was routed also for conventional string-through - body if you put a norman tele neck on. The custom bridge is floating as per vintage Gretsch. (I have an original 1966 6120 dc Nashville and got much info outta that.) Mahogany body with 5A maple top. QS chunky maple neck , bound. Ebony fretboard with real MOP "neo-classical" inlays TV Jones classics Schaller tuners Bound matching headstock inlaid "Danae" with real MOP CTS pots Switchcraft three-way toggle switch. Switchcraft jack. Orange drop .022 cap. Bolt-on neck at an angle Sawn - off Bigsby B5 Custom ebony rocking bar bridge. Finished exclusivelly with schellac!! Take a listen!
  3. I eventually went another way. I wanted to make a Gretsch-Tele hybrid so I planned the top to 6mm , re-routed for TV jones and installed black/white binding. I ll make a bolt on neck with an ebony fretboard and neoclassical inlays and use a rocking bar bridge. I also rounded the body a bit, and broadened the f-holes so that a pot can fit through. Here are some pics, the project is still under construction. Still in the works but I think I like how it' coming about! I 'll paint it orange (you guessed it!) Maybe it will look something like this, only with nickel hardware and a bound fretboard with neo-classical inlays...
  4. Hello again and thanks for the great ideas!! The following is the guitar body and 5A top in question! Thing is , the top is quite thick now.. I was wondering... Should I bring it down to 7 mm or maybe get a carve at an edge of say 3mm and use 6mm binding going into the mahogany (3mm) at the edge?? (Or should I leave it like it is? Top thickness is 10mm, overall thickness is 45 mm , a usual tele is at about 44 as all of you know) Here's a pic showing the edge Thanks for any insights!!
  5. Hi again! The guitar is called 'Stagones' Northern ash weight-relieved body (back chamber) Mahogany QS neck Rosewood fretboard 12" radius Black 3-ply pickguard ''Cabronita''- inspired 25.5" scale Arcade style kill button Sole volume pot - no tone knob Jumbo frets Fore arm contour Deep belly contour Tone Rider 'Rock Song' Pickups Wilkinson Tuners Wilkinson WVP6 tremolo (SUPERB! for the bux) plexi glass back cover teak oil 'distressed' finish Added a chrome cover to the neck humbucker lately Played and tested live , the guitar rocks , I enjoy it and it's really light at 7 pounds! Enjoy! P.S. The placement of the amp mike is wrong in these pix , it was corrected during the live show !! :) And a video of me playing the guitar
  6. I sure chose the wrong month to enter! Kudoz for everyone for a great job/ideas/originality! Many useful things to learn here!!
  7. Guy thanks a mil! That was quite helpful!
  8. I got a 5A flame maple top that looks amazing. I was wondering... a. would you use it as a drop top say on a thinline tele style build or b.would you carve it leaving a 2mm faux binding line??? (maybe use some cream plastic binding) Thanks for the help guys!
  9. Hi! If it is posicle I would like to add the following video to the Kleopatra project entry Thanks!!
  10. Hi! Long time no see , I doubt that anyone remembers me, I 'm the doc from Greece (PRS project and Esperanza). I 've started building again so for this month I have the following attempt: It s a lefty guitar I made for my best man. It's got a 2-piece mahogany body , QS mahogany neck set to an angle of 3.5 degrees, indian rosewood fingerboard and the headstock reads KLEO (ie Cleopatra the name of my wife's maid of honour and also his wife). The guitar sports Tone -Pros tuners and tune-o-matic bridge and the strings go through the body , ending in chrome vintage ferrules. It s light at about 7 pounds and has a set of tonerider alnico IIs installed. There is also a splitter switch and of course volume - tone 3-way switch. It was pore filled with wood putty and finished with teak oil. Hope ya like it! and one from the back when it was being constructed , now it has a black plastic cover http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc223/argytar/DSC00263-1.jpg
  11. Hi again this is another entry from Argytar!!! it s THE VAGABOND Ok I know that this is no innovation but I had to post this guitar at least to share my joy with you guys! It sounds and plays fantastic! It has tons of sustain and tone I just can t believe it! So obviously this is a Les Paul copy with the best features I could imagine! It s like the holy grail of tone, it s resonant, it pops, it screams and it growls! I made it together with our former bassman Chris Papapostolou and we call it the Vagabond! (that s also written on the headstock) Vagabond is also the name of Chris 's guitars maybe you 'll be seeing some of the stuff he makes soon! So here go the specs: One piece mahogany body hollowed on the upper bout (it s 30 years old we got it from a retired furniture maker that had these in stock and he said it s from latin America) ONE piece curly maple top (heavy stuff) Extra long tenon mahogany neck from the same slab as the body(reaches the end of the neck pickup cavity towards the bridge-really tight) Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard (old stock from munich germany) I didn t believe it but it really taps like glass!! Ebony headstock veneer with Les Paul Model sticker decal dunlop usa strap locks TUSQ man made ivory nut Tone Pros upgrade tulip tuners (nicccce!) Tone Pros locking tune-o-matic bridge with graph tech saddles Tone Pros aluminum locking tailpiece bulky neck profile WCR handmade Godwood pickup set neck-bridge (incredibly PAFy) RS guitarworks modern pots and caps set The rest of the hardware is Gibson historic originals. So this is like the perfect Les Paul for me and it really snaps for funky stuff too.. This guitar plays itself! Oh the sustain!!! I have it wrapover strung now and it 's super butter-y to play!! Hope ya like it!! http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc223/a...ar/Image221.jpg http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc223/a...ar/Image218.jpg
  12. hi again this is argytar! Guys thanks for all the comments! First of all I am going to specialize in surgery after i finish my country service! So the carving had a lot to do with surgery ...and patience!! It took me a lot of loving labour to hollow out the guitar but as i said i did it through the small backplate the f holes and the jack plate. believe it or not the guitar is half hollow. As for the finish, it is matte as most of oil finishes are i sure am no photo expert,i wanted the guitar to feel old and currently i am 'adding' some dings when i use it live.. all the other instruments are just superb!! for the people who want to see some photos of the making progress here are some links but these photos were taken with my cell phone's camera so these are a little fuzzy for sure! These prove though that the guitar is my one piece wonder!! http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc223/a...ranzascrap2.jpg http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc223/a...eranzascrap.jpg http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc223/a...cacarveplan.jpg http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc223/a.../esperanza4.jpg http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc223/a...zarehearsal.jpg http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc223/a...zafretboard.jpg http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc223/a...nzatrussrod.jpg http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc223/a...ckupcavity2.jpg http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc223/a...ickupcavity.jpg well that s about it for now!!anyone caring for some sound bits lemme know! gotm is really exciting!! cheers!
  13. hi there people! This is my second build , I call her 'ESPERANZA' because I made this guitar while I was expecting the time to pass so I can be hired at the hospital. I am a young physician. I used a chisel to double carve the top and back and to hollow out half of the guitar. The guitar is made out of ONE large piece of african mahogany. YES it s one piece, no glued parts (except for the rosewood fingerboard). I hollowed half the guitar using a chisel and rubber hammer through the f-holes ,the jack hole and the small back plate. The guitar has sweet sustain and great resonance! The sound unplugged is almost acoustic! No feedback problems though, this guitar can rock out and give sweet overtones!! To sum up Esperanza has: -ONE piece african mahogany (no glued parts body and neck are from the same uncut piece of wood) -Wilkinson gold aluminum wraparound bridge which also functions as a normal bridge because i added string through construction ferrules (adds bottom end and sustain) with locking studs -Wilkinson gold EZ lock tuners -Schaller gold strap lock buttons -2 cream SEYMOUR DUNCAN vintage p-90 neck and bridge (wax potted with sweeeeet tone ) -golden knobs with green pearl dome -cream coloured 3 way switch -the guitar is finished with teak oil which makes it super resonant and the neck carve is fat ,the way i like it. the strings go either through the body or they can be top loaded to the wraparound bridge! cheers ! argytar ,greece ,europe hope you like it!!
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