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Basically, for ages I wanted to build a guitar body, specifically a Jem but never had any woodworking training or skills. So I thought I'd look into designing the body in CAD and seeing if I could locate a fairly local company who could CNC the body.

First off though I had to design it and I never had any CAD experience either! I bought Autocad 2002 Complete for reference (published by Sybex ISBN 0-7821-2967-6) which was a bargain £15 and set to work with Autocad. A few hours work later and I'd worked out most of what I needed to know - all the required data is in the Blueprint (with a little trigonometry required) and started to model.

The body is accurate to the plans with the exception of the fillets between the front and back faces to the sides (basically, it has square edges rather than the rounded edges!) The front to side fillet is there on the .ipt file (Autocad Inventor format) and the .igs file but not on the .dwg or .dxf files.

It was entirely modeled in Autocad 2002 apart from the front fillet - too complex for Autocad but was imported into Inventor and done there (allot of people say Inventor is easier and more powerful and quicker to correct mistakes but I only just got to play with it recently and I find it allot more confusing than Autocad). Couldn't do the rear fillet though due to the neck access cutaway (I think that's the problem anyway!) - if I find out how to do that, I'll update the file and send you the newer version.

Files available for download here are:
Jem.dwg - Autocad 2002 drawing file

Courtesy of Alex van der Linde

PRS 24-22 .dwg


Courtesy of Humberto



Courtesy of Rick Serafin


Courtesy of Al Gendron

Courtesy of Michael Zagorski

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