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Found 1 result

  1. So i am a proud, scratch that very proud owner of a first generation Peavey Vandenberg serial no. 00000840.ok that wasn' the original reason for posting but after a bit of probling i was looking into the pickups and i dig the single coil but its very, very weak. peavey documentation describes both pickups as medium high output alnico 2. and this is a 6.8k pickup in the neck i have had squier pickups hotter than that. however i digress after a closer listening and inspection i thought that it was a short because sometimes it sounds better than usual and sometimes its thin city so i checked all the wiring and the pickup itself and nothing seems wrong same reading as a few weeks ago when i bought it. So i am going to wind an old replacement pickup a bit hotter with some heavier wire and then drop it in. of course keeping the original pickup. but for a quick drop in single coil what kind of replacement would be good? the body is poplar and i have no solid experince with this wood and the last time i had a non traditional strat with a neck single was years ago so i am a bit at a loss. also i have a few pics of my 37ga wire p-90 and Single Coil that i wound by hand and potted tonight. i have yet to install them as the wax is drying and they still need leads soldered on. but the weirdest thing is i wound both of these rather quick piling on way more wire [well there is more wire bulging off the form than before. i realize that it is a bigger wire but the p 90 from duncan only had on its form half of the space used and measured 11.1k. i wound it till it was spilling off the sides and got about 1.5k so we will see if these little buggers will even do anything lol] super low resistance, i know the larger wire you get less resistance but i wonder if there is a formula for gauge vs winds vs resistance or simply guage length resistance. well any help would be appreciated and i will post some better pics of pickups and guitar soon my phone is dying ciao for now
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