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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, ProjectGuitar.com is now into its thirteenth year online and there's been some serious thought behind the scenes on how to take everything to the next level without undermining the things that make the site unique, independent and fundamentally about its community. Various ideas have been thrown around about crowdfunding, however since we like to pride ourselves on our freely-available content with no paywalls, subscriptions or other things which restrict access, Patreon seems a far more appropriate road to travel down. For anybody that isn't familiar with Patreon, it's essentially a funding mechanism which rewards content-creators for creating content. Instead of one large funding campaign or a yearly drive, patrons contribute a small amount (anything from a dollar to whatever) for each new work or simply per-month. We're ramping up our regular original work publishing to weekly long-format site articles, information-rich tutorials, complete CAD plans, how-to's, product reviews you can use and eventually weekly YouTube videos from a purpose-built teaching studio. We think you'll agree that this fosters the best kind of growth for ProjectGuitar.com; producing more of the high-quality original content that our thousands of monthly visitors have come to expect, but most importantly keeping the entire site ad-free, independent and beholden only to you guys! As always, we are humbly grateful for all of our donating members who have helped (and continue) to maintain ProjectGuitar.com since 2002. Concentrating on the production of regular new content and making that the motivating force behind our funding, we can produce a self-sustaining site with plenty of scope for future growth, all based on what you guys want us to be publishing. One whose quality of content is truly buoyed by its members. ProjectGuitar.com's plans are always open to democratic public debate. We want your input! Suggestions and contributions to the bright future of ProjectGuitar.com are warmly encouraged; if you would like to go that one step further and want to play a greater role then let us know. It is hoped that a Patreon-based funding option would allow ProjectGuitar.com to pay writers and content-creators for their contributions, creating an open productive and democratic community. Your thoughts?
  2. You'll likely have noticed the new "Support Us!" link in the top navigation bar across the site. This page contains the links for making site donations or recurring subscriptions. Over the coming months we will be seeing some great new site functionality and a huge uptick in written content in addition to: HTML site migrating across to the new site management system product news and reviews a personal photo hosting facility (no more broken image links!) interviews with luthiers and musicians luthiery publication library updated suppliers database We would like to see Project Guitar grow and provide exactly what you expect and much more besides. Your donations help maintain a modern website with robust backup and support - most importantly however it allows us to maintain the site's core values, invest and build on the last twelve years of being online and provide the most productive and open online luthiery community possible. Community members making one-time donations of $10USD or more will receive the following benefits for 12 months: "PG Supporter" member group badge Advanced Profile Info Page customisations No flood control on search option Increased PM functionality (500 messages, file attachments) Increased forum signature capacity (2 images, 2 URLs, 6 lines, commercial links of interest to the community allowed) Ability to edit own forum posts and thread titles "silently" 50Mb personal image gallery Countless other positive site "tweaks"! Rosy glow and a sense of satisfaction Members making one-time donations of more than $50USD per year will receive all of the benefits as per site supporters with the following increases: "PG Sponsor" member group badge Increased PM functionality (1500 messages, file attachments) Increased forum signature capacity (4 images, 4 URLs, 8 lines, commercial links of interest to the community allowed) Ability to open/close/delete own threads 150Mb personal image gallery Negotiable extras Rosier glow Donators will also be added to the public site supporters page by name and/or username. Optionally you can of course remain anonymous!
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