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Found 1 result

  1. One Eyed Jack's Decal Shack - Custom logo decals for guitars, and also custom graphics for DIY effects pedals. Choose between waterslide, rub-on transfer, or heavier weatherproof polyester decal material. You can also choose between clear decal material (for light colored backgrounds), and colored decal material (for dark backgrounds). Your design or mine: I can do your logo using your design if you have one, or, I can design one for you. If you have your own, the preferred format is PSD or PDF, but I can use pretty much any format you have available. If you need me to design one for you, you tell me a basic idea of what you want it to look like (basic style, color and size). I then create a few options for you. You pick one of those options, and tell me what to do to it to get it the way you want it. I keep going until I get it the way you want it. It usually takes a couple rounds of edits before we get it perfect and ready to print. Turnaround Time: 90% of the time, I’ll have your design completed (with your approval), printed, and ready to ship within 24 hours. There are rare occasions though, when someone may have a unique request, or one that requires more time to complete. In these cases, I’ll always tell you ahead of time if it’s something that will take me longer than usual. I’ve only had a few that took me more than 48hrs to complete. How it works: When placing your order, please upload your image (if you have one) using the file submission section at the top of the checkout page. After you’ve completed your order I’ll begin working on it right away. Then, before I ever print anything, I’ll send you a proof to get your approval. If it’s not right, I’ll continue working on it until it is right. It usually takes a couple of edits before I can tune in to what it is you want, and get it perfect for you. Once I’ve got right, and have received your approval, I print it up and ship it out. Easy as that! Shipping: Shipping within the US is free, with tracking numbers, via USPS. I do ship internationally, but there is a $5 shipping fee added on to your total. Payments: All payments are done securely through PayPal. Any information entered into this website is also encrypted for added security, but you never enter any private billing information in my website. You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to purchase. All you need is a credit or debit card. Have questions? To make it as easy as possible, I offer several ways to contact me if you need me. You can use the Contact Form to contact me at anytime with any questions you have. You can also use the Facebook chat button on the bottom of the screen on my website to chat via private message on Facebook. Another option is to click on “Submit Ticket” at the top of this page and open a support ticket. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for looking! Mike (AKA: One Eyed Jack) OneEyedJack.Shop
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