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Found 5 results

  1. Once again it's that time of the year! Heading into 2020 we've got a decision to make. Which of 2019's Guitar Of The Month winners will be crowned Guitar Of The Year? You decide! The vote is open until the end of January, so make your vote well-considered and moreover make it count! As an added bonus this year, we have a baker's dozen of entries, thanks to a tied victory back in January 2019!
  2. ....aaaaand it's that time of the year again! Heading into 2019 we've got a decision to make. Which of 2018's Guitar Of The Month winners will be crowned Guitar Of The Year? You decide! The vote is open until the end of January, so make you vote well-considered and moreover make it count!
  3. It's that time of the year yet again....time to vote for your overall favourite guitar from 2017's winners of our Guitar Of The Month contest! Voting is open throughout January, so choose wisely and make that vote count.... ----==---- @10pizza, "The Swel ZebraCaster" http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/january-2017-r67/ @ScottR, "Young Lizzy" http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/february-2017-r69/ @curtisa, "HM6 Halcyon" http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/march-2017-r70/ @Mr Natural, "The Fugly Fretless" http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/may-2017-r71/ @Pariahrob, "Hyrne" http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/june-2017-r72/ @2.5itim, "N12" http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/july-2017-r73/ @Andyjr1515, "Psilos bass" http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/august-2017-r74/ @Skyjerk, "Phoenix" http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/september-2017-r75/ @seb, "Model 222" http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/october-2017-r76/ @MassimoPL77, "Coccinella" http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/november-2017-r77/ @Norris, "The Nozcaster" http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/december-2017-r78/
  4. Congratulations to each of this year's Guitar Of The Month contest winners! It's time to vote on which guitar is 2016's Guitar Of The Year....voting is open throughout January so choose wisely.... ---- == ---- January 2016 - @ScottR http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/january-2016-r44/ February 2016 - @curtisa http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/february-2016-r56/ March 2016 - @KnightroExpress http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/march-2016-r57/ April 2016 - @mattharris75 http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/april-2016-r58/ May 2016 - @Dmitry Sushkov http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/may-2016-r59/ June 2016 - @verhoevenc http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/june-2016-r60/ July 2016 - @Dmitry Sushkov http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/july-2016-r61/ August 2016 - @Nugz Blacky http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/august-2016-r62/ September 2016 - @toddler68 http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/october-2016-r63/ October 2016 - @Edw5493 http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/november-2016-r64/ November 2016 - @Mr_Riddler http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/november-2016-r65/ December 2016 - @Skyjerk http://www.projectguitar.com/guitar_of_the_month/december-2016-r66/
  5. It's that time of year again....dozens of amazing entries in our monthly ProjectGuitar.com Guitar Of The Month contest have distilled down to the twelve winners you chose as your favourites. All that remains is to deliberate as to which one guitar is this year's Guitar Of The Year! ------ @DC Ross January 2015 winner ------ @verhoevenc February 2015 winner ------ @brutal-lv March 2015 winner ------ @SwedishLuthier April 2015 winner ------ @brutal-lv May 2015 winner ------ @SwedishLuthier June 2015 winner ------ @ginner July 2015 winner ------ @jessejames August 2015 winner ------ @Mr_Riddler September 2015 winner ------ @V16 Guitars October 2015 winner ------ @verhoevenc November 2015 winner ------ @komodo December 2015 winner
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