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Found 3 results

  1. Hello folks, new member needing a bit of advice. I'm currently engrossed in my first build, an LP type, mahogany neck, mahogany body with a flamed maple cap, things are progressing slowly and mostly going very well. I now have the neck and body at the stage were I will need to glue them together soon. When dry fitted, everything lines up, however what is taxing me is, how tight should my neck pocket be when dry? Currently, when dry fitting the neck to the body, I do have to use a bit of force to get it into place by hand, it's not tight enough to need a clamp but I do need two hands and a bit of body weight to snug it up, is this too tight? When I do a dry fitting, if I lift the guitar up by the neck, vertically, it doesn't fall apart, if I jerk the whole lot upwards the body will detach itself from the neck. Does this sound about right? If I put a piece of photocopier paper down one side of the neck pocket, I can still fit the neck, but it does feel a bit tighter, I can't fit the neck if I put a second piece of paper on the other side of the pocket. Really my question is, have I left enough clearance for my mahogany to mahogany glue joint? Is this something that can be measured or do experienced builders just go by how the joint feels? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  2. I am reaching the final stages of my guitar body and everything was looking pretty good. My neck pocket is so comfortable that it almost squeaks - it holds the weight of the neck on its own. Unfortunately, I have just discovered that it is about 3mm too shallow and given the shape of the body, there isn't much of a platform to rest the router on. I kept the offcuts to hold the body on my Workmate when I did the pickup routing but I routed the neck pocket when the body was just a short plank of wood. Actually, I wouldn't mind any neck pocket routing tips because this is the single greatest anxiety I have had about guitar making as it is so critical to get it right; particularly the flat neck contact.
  3. Hi everyone. I've just registered and this is the first forum of this kind I'm a part of, nice to have a place to get started on guitar building. I have a question. I've been building a telecaster kind of guitar, but with standard hardware (not telecaster-y) including two humbuckers and a hardtail fixed bridge. When I made the neck pocket I realised it's not deep enough (should be 15 or so millimeters, and it's about 12), so the strings sit on all the frets and make no sound. Do you think it would be wise to add a neck angle by, say, gluing wood into the neck pocket? Or should I try something else? I didn't made the neck pocket per se, my guitar is made from three layers of wood, so I just cut the neck space on the top layer. Thanks in advance, hope to get into this kind of stuff.
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