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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, so I have never built a guitar before but I decided to give it ago. I bought some parts off eBay. Amongst the stuff were two Fender Wide Range Humbuckers (reissue) and a fully loaded HH scratch plate from a brand new Squier Contemporary. Will these two be compatible? Apart from widening the pickup holes and drilling two new wholes for mounting as the Wide Range Humbucker is 4 post mounted. Will it be as easy as unsoldering the Humbuckers off the plate and soldering the Wide Rang Humbuckers back in the same places? I have no knowledge of any of this but I am excited to learn. I know these WR Humbuckers are second hand so I have to test them. This will involve a multimeter. Any tips on testing and soldering procedures would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I'm working on 4 new hardrock guitars. Two of them ara strato style guitars, one one with only bridge humbucker semi-relic guitar, the other is a replica of Richie Sambora. The third is a superstrato style wit a pau ferro top and ebony fretboard and the last one a ferray red remated with stainless steel pickguard flying-v type guitar. I'll try to document the whole process explaining with plenty of detail and asnswering my doubts. I don`t remember how to upload images, if you can help me I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance. Scorpionscar
  3. Bought a huge chunk of solid walnut 8/4 x 13.5" x 94", that means I'm on body build 1 of 4. Found some 62 Strat Blueprints, so here we go: So far layed out, rough cut, template started, planed, and checking out how parts will look together! Aside from the 6 vs 2 screws, is the modern tremolo routing the same as the vintage? Found a guy with a 2007 USA with a broken neck, offered him $225 for the pickups and tremolo bridge, need to discuss further tonight Already bought my Fender neck...next time, I'll try my own! *Started a new thread since the last was got off track with forum troubleshooting'*
  4. Good afternoon musicians, luthiers, hobbyists and guitar fanatics (hopefully that should cover everyone who visits this site) This is my first visit to Project Guitar and I come to you with a problem. I am in the process building a monster, however unlike Victor Frankenstein's one, mine is definitely not alive.. Some time ago, when I first started playing electric guitar, my mother bought me a Karina Strat copy (chinese thing) that served me well until I upgraded to a Fender Strat. Naturally, I didnt want to dispose of my first electric guitar as it had sentimental value, however it had signficant short comings in comparison to the Fender. So, what did I do, I committed to turning this this guitar into a machine that you couldnt simply replace. Crazy some might say, I might tend to agree now. I threw away everything but the body, sanded the body back to the wood and stained it with a dark ebony look stain. I bought a Mexican fender locking nut neck, a floyd rose bridge, neck and bridge center tapped (4-conductor) Dimarzio humbuckers, a Skye Tweed Tone single coil for the centre position and had a custom made aluminium scratchplate made to accomodate the not-so-typical strat arrangement produced. I have also installed two switches such that you can choose between bumbucker or single coil arrangement for N and B positions, such that you can still achieve that single coil strat sound.. (image attached). I have wired it up using the typical strat wiring layout which I have found in books and on the net, however, when i plug it in to the amp I get horrendous feedback unless you touch the strings or metal work, only the center single coil will produce any sound, and the volume pot does not affect the sound. I have confirmed the right capacitance on the first tone pot, and bought a fairly well renowned cap for this purpose. Volume =500k, 1st tone =250k, 2nd = 500k. I have removed the humbucker switches from the circuit, so they arent the issue. I have installed bonding wires between the metal work and the 'earth' for the coils. Im running out of guesses as to how to get this going. I have been told that aluminium ( or metal scratch plates) are generally better as they work as a big shield for interference, however this seems to cause more noise than anything. I dont understand how I can be getting sound out og my amp without the volume control working. Im an electrical engineer, so have a basic understanding of RLC circuits etc, maybe im getting some crazy filtering going on, but given im using typical sizes for pots and caps, I dont think this should be an issue. Any assistance, ideas, or even inspirational messages would be of great benefit, as I am at the stage where this would make a great garden ornament, it simply doesn't function as a guitar. Best Regards Andrew
  5. So I'm looking at buying one of the guitars in the topic heading (the '57 being the Reissue version, not the real deal), but I'm not sure which to get. I really like what I hear about the V neck on the strats compared to the typical "C" shape, so that's kinda why it's down to these two. I do like the 22 medium jumbo frets on the deluxe, and the locking tuners as well. But I also like the nitro finish on the Vintage and the thinner neck (I'm used to a Ibanez Wizard II neck on my Prestige). Any suggestions, thoughts, positives/negatives? I will also be glad to hear any other guitar ideas in the $1400-1600 price range!
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