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Found 6 results

  1. Bought a huge chunk of solid walnut 8/4 x 13.5" x 94", that means I'm on body build 1 of 4. Found some 62 Strat Blueprints, so here we go: So far layed out, rough cut, template started, planed, and checking out how parts will look together! Aside from the 6 vs 2 screws, is the modern tremolo routing the same as the vintage? Found a guy with a 2007 USA with a broken neck, offered him $225 for the pickups and tremolo bridge, need to discuss further tonight Already bought my Fender neck...next time, I'll try my own! *Started a new thread since the last was got off track with forum troubleshooting'*
  2. I'm starting up a solid walnut Telecaster Deluxe build. The body is English walnut sides with Black American walnut center stripe. The top will be a goldtop with black pickguard and hardware. P-90 pickups with deluxe style controls. The neck will be Black American Walnut with a Rosewood board. Currently I have the body wood milled down, glued up, and rough cut to shape. The routed to shape. Got the neck milled down and roof cut. Then routed to shape and installed a Paduak skunk stripe. I will be updating this thread throughout the entire build.....
  3. Started my strat build, I promise to be very slow going! Laying it out: Roughing it out: Do I really need to plane it before I route any cavities?
  4. I just went an bought a piece of walnut lumber for some bodies. Found a craigslist ad for some 8/4 x 14" x 6'+ lengths for $8.75 bf. Planned on picking up a 6' piece for ~$120 to be able to make 4 bodies. The closest he had was a 13.5" w x 94" l, well I still had it in my head to make 4 bodies, so I just had him cut it in half (47"). Totally kicking myself on the way home, I could've got another ~17" l piece out of it!!! Stupid me, coulda made a Tele!! Well, now instead of $30/ body, I'm looking at $35. Still much better than the $69 I gave to Carvin for a chunk o' alder. Will be making some new bodies in the near future!!
  5. This is the last Steerhead I built, finished last summer. I have 5 now, and this might be the last Steerhead, as I just can't imagine I need any other variation that the 5 I have can't cover. I think the theme has maybe been completed now. Still play 'em, still love 'em all.
  6. Greetings! I'm new to the forums and have enjoyed looking at all the awesome projects other builders have shared! I'd love to get your opinions of the two new models I just completed. I'm finally fulfilling a long time dream of mine to build instruments as a small business here in Northwest Georgia. I just started the business back in May...we'll see how it goes...baby steps! The first guitar specs: Body: Mahogany Neck: 5 piece Mahogany/Flame Maple Top: AAA Quilt Maple Finish: Midnight Blue/Oil Fretboard: Indian Rosewood/12″ Radius Frets: 24 Jumbo Frets Scale: 25″ Nut Width: 1.75 inches Side Dots: Luminescent Blue Pickups: 2 Kent Armstrong “Tempest” Humbuckers Bridge: Schaller 3D-6 Roller Bridge Hardware: Black/Dunlop Flush-Mount Strap Locks Tuners: Gotoh Mini Keys Electronics: 500K Linear Mini Pots/Orange Drop .033 Capacitor/3 Way Toggle The sceond guitar specs: Body: American Black Walnut Neck: 5 piece Walnut/Flame Maple Top: AAAA Flame Maple Finish: Natural/Oil Fretboard: Bocote/12″ Radius Frets: 24 Jumbo Frets/Zero Fret Scale: 25-26″ Nut Width: 1.75 inches Side Dots: Luminescent Green Pickups: 2 Kent Armstrong “Tempest” Humbuckers Bridge: Hipshot Stainless Steel Single Bridges Hardware: Chrome/Dunlop Flush-Mount Strap Locks Tuners: Gotoh Mini Keys Electronics: 500K Linear Mini Pots/Orange Drop .033 Capacitor/3 Way Toggle Peace, Jason
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