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Building Body's

Building a Solid Body :Author Steve (ripl3y)
 How to build a solid wood guitar body from scratch printer friendly version
Quick Cavity Covers:Author Brian Calvert
 How to build quick and easy cavity covers for your project printer friendly version
Trem to Hartail Conversion:Author Brian Calvert
 How to convert a tremolo body into a string through hard tail body
Trs to Edge/LoPro Mod:Author Brian Calvert
 How to convert a Trs to a Edge/LoPro body
Interactive Forum Tutorial and Reference Guide
Each of these Reference guide and Tutorials will open up to the perspective Project Guitar Forum thread
Pictorial of 5-string fretless bass being built :Topic Starter Lex Luthier
How can i fold a 1/4" maple top : Topic Starter Txisan
Building my neck through guitar : Topic Starter Westhemann
Converting a Ibanez RG into a Jem Style Guitar
Cutting the Handle:Author Brian Calvert
 Cutting the handle into the body as known as a Monkey Grip printer friendly version
Neck Joint Heal:Author Brian Calvert
 Converting an original neck joint heal to a Jem Style neck heal printer friendly version
Output Jack:Author Brian Calvert
 Converting an original output jack to a Jem Style output jack printer friendly version
Trem Cavity:Author Brian Calvert
 Routing the Lions claw into the trem cavity printer friendly version
Scalloping frets 21-24:Author Brian Calvert
 Scalloping the upper frets better than a factory job printer friendly version
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Dedicated to Building:Author Max Pepe
 Step by Step process of a sloid body with set neck pictorial (Italian Site)
Building a Lap Steel Guitar:Author Martin Koch
 Step by step building a complete Lap Steel guitar from scratch
Body building tips :Web Site Stew Mac
 Quick review of how body's are built at the Stew Mac company
Acoustic Guitar Project:Author Deborah Eason
 Details on the step by step creation of an acoustic guitar
Electric Guitar Project :Author Jonathan Ghesquiére
 Details on the step by step creation of a personal electric guitar
Project Telehawk :Author Steven Kersting
 Step by step building a complete electric guitar from scratch using basic tools
Bill Jehle's Jellycastor :Author Bill Jehle
 A start to finish buildup of a Telestyle kit guitar with his own personal mod's
Guitar Ed :Author Guitar Ed
 Telecastors One complete, one mostly done, one just starting
Les Paul Style Guitar :Author John Fisher
 How to build a Les Paul Style Guitar the "HARD WAY"
Martin Guitar Kit:Author Jim Kumorek
 Step by step construction of a popular kit
Arch Top Guitar:Author Dave Weimer
 A home guitar building project
Mike's Project Page:Author Mike
 A custom bass from start to finish along with other projects
Vacuum Veneering:Website Joe woodworker .com
 How to make a home made vacuum press for working with veneer
Carved Top Sold Body:Author Doug at Flat Earth Guitars
 The making of the Flat Earth Heresy

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