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Cheap 'n Cheerful Photo Setup

'I figured I'd take a shot of my photo-taking setup in case anyone was looking for tips. (I know I am constantly.)


There are two overhead flourecent lights... one almost directly over the instrument, one about 6 feet from the first. The background is a black piece of posterboard I got from an office/art supply store. The big black thing is a portfolio I turned into a reflector/shade to block unwanted light. I try to line up the reflections in a decent looking way, block the ugly stuff and take all the pics by hand in auto mode (no tripod). I switch the two lights on and off to get different amounts and qualities of shadows. After they are taken I try to edit out and gross stuff in the background since my posterboard is all scratched up.

The finished photos from this setup are shown below'





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Photograph show thing in much details. I fear the devil who live in details. ?See you things from photograph not to see with normal eye.

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