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  2. hmm... not a bad idea et'all. will mock it up and see if we have a winner.
  3. Put a little burst around the inlay too. SR
  4. you and my friend kev think a lot alike!! he suggested that too, and I would do that if it's what he wants... but I said the turquoise is going to get lost with a matching headstock. Maybe I should do a mockup of that... with the gold rim on the outside of the turquoise it might not be so bad. thanks for 2nd'ing him!!
  5. When I have a bunch of options, I usually pick the two I like best......and only play one of those. SR
  6. I'd go with the burst and finish the headstock cap the same way. SR
  7. ok, so that's two votes for burst... funny, it didn't do much for me until you guys started liking it! thank you for the reply and kind words.
  8. well, if I'm being honest... I kind of liked the plain turquoise better... so this was all part of my diabolical plan to ween kevin off of the idea so that I wouldn't have to build two that were too similar!! thank you - he liked it a lot too and was all over it. afa black - one of the reasons I had reservations about black on the wilkinson stuff is their coatings are notorious for being bad. flaking off, uneven... and such. black chrome would be epic!!
  9. I have made many necks over the years and I've found that the length of the truss rod is not too critical what does seem to work best when adjusting the truss rod is that the centre of the truss rod is over the centre of the neck once you've discounted the area of the neck pocket so a truss rod adjusted from the heel end would need to be longer than one adjusted from the headstock, that's my experience
  10. yes, maybe a hair more!! the twist thing - seems like a truss adjustment there would bring the low strings closer at a rate much dif than the high strings. on the bright side you don't really have to worry about your neck twisting!! the asym fretboard would offer much less ergonomics... but also wouldn't complicate things nearly as much... and would likely strengthen things.
  11. Those color combos are starting to come together really nice. That burst elevates it to another level. Awesome!
  12. That looks interesting and the ergonomics are a fact. FWIW on some Crimson video Ben answered a question about a warped neck, telling that if the twist is that way it would improve playability. His biggest concern seemed to be that if the twist was caused by instability in the wood there'd be no telling how it might behave in the future. Doesn't that mean that a stable neck should stay stable even if carved to a twist? Speaking about uneven pressure and the power of string pull etc. just think about wooden propellers in aeroplanes. I suppose the Merlin engine of 1300 hp would stress
  13. Contrasting and accentuating stripes are just so classy!
  14. Whoa! Turquoise with a royal blue burst? That looks classy! Re a black Tele bridge, I saw something I guess is boutique made. It said "chrome" but compared to other chrome hardware shown on the site it looked much darker and less shiny. Not painted, though. It didn't say "black chrome" either.
  15. Yay! That's great news! You'll learn to safely use tools you could never afford at home. I'd say that's a good first step towards working in a guitar factory.
  16. so, was thinking on my way home... what if you did a compound radius fretboard... but on the bass and the treble side you did different starting and ending radius? ie... for gbe - you go 7.25" - 20" and on ead you go 10" -16". at the center they would essentially be a line shooting to the last fret - where the two arcs would join together. bending over that line would actually get easier as you'd reach into a bigger radius so it might make for some unusual feel... but maybe not. as you played to the higher notes the low side - which doesn't get as much use... would get thinn
  17. noice. there are a couple of similar type spots near me where you can get tips and use industrial machinery... plus if you cut your hand off there will be someone right there to slap a bandaid on!! awesome sauce!
  18. i somehow missed earlier post of bass with three fricking humbuckers? "I like the cut of your jig sir". that is going to have a LOT of options... v nice work.
  19. so... was looking for fretboard maple... and I have some that will match this one... so revision 12321312355532.fgggabade.3329. would love your thoughts.
  20. went looking for a fretboard for my friend's tele... and just got this 12" wide flamed maple... wasn't sure how it would really look because it is so white... well, this is how it looks.
  21. Yes - but it's very easy to do. I'll do a post tomorrow showing how easy it is to fit the strings. I did a full set, including trimming in two minutes total!
  22. Yesterday
  23. So my dad told me why not look for a workshop that you can rent out time and space for and I found one in Baltimore Maryland which is a 30 minute drive from my house and they have classes and open shop rental and I am so happy that I found this!!
  24. Such a nice top, shame the pickups cover half of the front coming along really nice, just a question about the tuners, how do you intonate them? You have to totally losen the strings, readjust them and tighten up again? Otherwise, love them, one friend is asking me to build him a headless travel-friendly bass, and I'll probably go with those or something like them.
  25. Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick any two The cheapest I can think of is to design a fret board layout in something like Sigen or FretFind2D, print out a 1:1 scale layout of the design, stick the print to the fret board blank and cut along the dotted lines. Expensive bit = the saw. Accuracy = as good as you can manage. Speed = so so. Next step up from that would be to do as @ADFinlayson has mentioned several times before which is to measure and mark your fret spacings directly off a ruler. Fastest? Stewmac fret slotting templates plus their super-slim circular saw blade in a table saw. Not ch
  26. right on. I might be able to give myself a pass on using the black wilkinson on my prototype... but then chrome looks really nice with turquoise too! could go right back to gotoh!
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