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Piezos in the nut?


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Hey everyone, i don't know if anyone has tried this but it seems possible to me, basically i want to have some piezos in a guitar i'm planning but i am using a tone pros tune o matic bridge which is being re radiused to about 19", doing this to piezo saddles will apparently make the volume different for each string.

So i got thinking...what about piezos under the nut? I know its slightly more awkward for wiring but surely sound wise it should be as good as piezos in the bridge right? Has anyone attempted this before? Or got a good reason its a really shoddy idea? Cheers

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I suppose it would work really well for picking up the notes behind where you're fretting. But for picking up the notes you're actually playing? Not so much.

exactly i was doing this with one of those little magnetic acoustic pickups i canibalized from a broken acoustic.. (remember the old martins that had the pickup in the fret board and it had screws for pole pieces.) i used one of those on this evil charvel that i had. cause i was doing a song that had me doing alot of behind the left hand tapping and bending. very ethereal indeed.

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