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I got paint but dont know if its good for the guit

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I got Tomiya Paint which is a waterbased paint. Now i got a thinner cement and i got a base color and clear coat (i think the clear coat is a sealer i dont know)

ill give you guys the part number. Tell me if i should return them.

The silver Gloss Paint- TS-17

The clear coat- TS-13

Tamiya EXTRA THIN cement (no number)

The black gloss acrylic paint- X-1

Now i am doing a silver base paint and having a black burts. Then i was hoping to have a blue tranparent finish but my dad says we will mix the clear coat to do that. I dont think he knows a lot about painting. Now is the 4 items i picked going to do what i want them to and produce a good metallic blue burst (well how do i also mix the blue into the clear coat) Thank you.

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