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6 trem holes?

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oK ... so I got this Samick Valley Arts Pro Shop strat copy that I'm putting around with.... I've removed the tremolo to clean it up and get it working properly... but I've come to realize that the trem is a very poorly machined / designed. I mean the 6 holes on the underside had a nominal amount of countersink. From what I read from Dan Earlwins books..... there should be a substantial amount of bevel to the holes... to make a better pivot point. Any way .. to get to the meat and potatoes of this post ... Are the 6 screw holes universal from manufacturer to manufacturer ? I tried to look up some on Warmoth's site.... but it's not working right now. So what I'm asking ... is the 6 holes the same distance on all vintage / fixed trems. I plan on buying something that is good quality. I've tried to whip out the Dremel to make things a little better... But... lets just say .... I'd have to grind off about 3 hrs worth of metal from this trem to make it right..... I could spend a few $$$$ and get a trem that is perfect and spend the 3hr setting it up and installing a new brass nut!!! Any opinions, thought, comments .... or should I just shut up !!!!! lol .....:D

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