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pick-up advice for my current project


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I'm looking for advice on pickups to use in my current project, been looking over reviews n stuff... but I really haven't a clue where to start, theres that many different pick-ups to chose from, so I thought maybe I could ask in here and people could give me a few suggestions then I can read up on some reviews and maybe try them out in a store...

OK, my guitar design first, just in case you aint seen it B)


It's based on an Ibanez Iceman, I like Icemans so I decided to build one just with the extra horn :D

Anyways, for bridge I'm looking for something that will give me a nice metal sound... I mostly play Metallica, Maiden, Sabbath, Deep Purple, some newer stuff like System of a Down, Hammerfall, Nine Inch Nails...

So it needs to be a nice metal sound, but nothing really screamingly crazy or icky nu-metal...

for the neck I'm looking at something more blue's style, for those metallica intro's, metallica/hammerfall style acoustic type balad sections... and stuff a little more crunchy but still in that area like pink floyd and zepplin stuff...

umm... I think thats about all the info I can give... hardware wise I'm thinking of volume pot, tone pot with push/pull for coil-tapping... 3 way selector switch, bridge/both/neck :D

thanks for your advise :D

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well I've got a few on my list now...

for bridge:

Seymour Duncan SH -12 Screamin Demon.... or...

Seymour Duncan SH-6 Duncan Distortion...

Someone on another forum recommended the SH-8 Invader, but I listened to the demo's on the Duncan site and it just doesnt seem to have any mids or high, I dunno which but it doesnt seem right...

for neck:

Seymour Duncan SH-1'59

Seymour Duncan SH-2 Jazz

so far from the Duncan site's demo sounds I'm tending towards the SH-12 and the SH-2... but I think I need to try them out for real first...

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um if you want that cool classic sound get seymour duncan antiquity humbuckers. All the old vintage things are not actually old sound. They say vintage because they are made like the old ones. So its like getting a new old style humbucker compared to the Antiquity series which is a aged oldstyle humbucker. So antiquity is they way to go i think.

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Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge, and a '59 or Jazz in the neck

workhorse combination that should be able to handle most of the stuff you mentioned. From memory daron malakian uses JB's in the bridge, as does dave mustaine i think?

Still, just my opinion. There is some people around here who know a lot about the DiMarzio pickups, im sure they will give you some suggestions from their range

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For my neck I've got a dimarzio Humbucker from hell....

It can do the blues pretty well...

It really cleaned up the muddiness of the stock epi I had in it

Also the mids are a bit smoother the bottom end I don't think changed much

the high end is the major change....the epi sounded a bit twangy...this sounds really....well...really normal....it's got a good range and doesn't feel stunted

it's also 4 conductor....so you with enough switches you can have a really versatile sound....

Overall....it sounds thicker...more full....more lively than my epiphone neck PU....don't know if that helps....I like mine :-)

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