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please check this wiring (graphic inside)


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Yeah, I think you may have located your problem - a standard jack only has two lugs. To answer your question, the "tip" is the tall spring connector that connects to the tip of the plug when you plug it in, and the "sleeve" is the connector that touches the shaft of the plug. If your jack has 3 lugs, you've probably got a stereo, or "tip-ring-sleeve", jack. Try using the two outside terminals with nothing connected to the center one, and if it isn't fixed, try reversing the leads. if that doesn't fix it, see if you can find a standard jack.

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hi, I tried to conect the way you said, the noise and buzz are gone but also I don´t have sound. But when I move the volume button I hear some change, also when I touch the humbucker´s polepieces it does sound, but very low, I barely hear it. do you think that maybe it could be the soldering? because I have noticed that maybe I´m not that good :D

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