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gibson pick up covers


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i am a novice i was trying to un solder the worn gold pick up covers off my new les paul studio and i want to know if if i hurt anything

i first tried a sodering gun to loosen the solder joint that holds the cover to the pick up, it finally let go, it took about three minutes

inside one layer of tape came off and it melted what looks like dielectric grease from the pick up

the second pick up i used a small torch on and nothing happened to the pick up at all

my question is do i have to replace the pickup, if not what should i do when i install the new covers

any help would be greatly appreciated i would like to finish the job asap



d14099 :D

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hmmm.... i dont know, if you were using a solder gun, i think the best thing would to have a desolder pump as well, looks like a little spring loaded syringe, if you hit the existing solder with an iron, it should melt really easily. then just suck it up with the pump. so you just work little by little.

it depends on how much you heat got transfered to any important parts.

i think to demagnetize a alinco magnet it was like 170-270 degrees or something, i dont know how hot your iron was.

does anything look visibly damaged?

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thanks for the info, after i posted this i looked at the pick up and determined it was wax and not grease like i first thought, so here is another question, do i have to replace the wax, i am installing new covers, and if so what do i use, and how do i do it ?

thanks for all your help


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