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Vintage Chrome


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I need some help since for my bass project where I'm trying to make a vintage bass, with vintage chrome hardware and I'm already ordering a bunch of old-looking hardware for it, but I want to get a Leo Quann Badass bridge and I want it to kind of fit everything else, so I was wondering how to get it like that. It's okay if it doesn't fit the look, but if I can get it to look vintage it would be better.

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This is from Radio Shack's MSDS:

Avoid inhaling concentrated vapor or mist, may cause irritation of the respiratory tract. May result in severe liver and/or kidney damage, if swallowed, and may be fatal. Do not induce vomiting. Avoid contact with skin. Liquid, mist, or vapor can cause immediate irritation to all human tissue. Contact with eyes can result in permanent visual loss unless removed quickly by thorough irrigation with water.

Just be careful with it.

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It's kool, I hate to think I recommended something that somebody 'could' get hurt by...accidents happen and it's best always to use caution. I use a lot of chemicals in my detail and paint biz, chemicals of all kinds can get into your bloodstream via your skin and by inhaling...never a good thing even in small amounts. Wish more of a big deal was made during my years painting...almost never used a mask, and now my chest hurts from the slightest wiff of paint or thinners. Chemicals are great at what they can do...they are our friend :D just use common sense and be as safe as you can. I'm glad RC stopped asking all those personal questions when you purchase....was such a big turn off B)

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