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Rhoads Model V


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Hi! I'm looking to repaint my Jackson Rhoads V. I've never done a project on a guitar really, so I was wondering if anyone has done anything on this model of guitar, has any ideas for something like that (this more evil, the better), or if anyone knew of a site or someone that has does one, etc. Any help would be appreciated.


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My first bit of advice would be to go out and make yourself a mock-up body and whatever you decide to do to the Rhoads, do it to the mock-up 4-5 times before you even think about approaching the real thing, especially if you've never done -any- finishing before.

I've never seen someone's very first attempt come anywhere close to pro results, so unless you want to FUBAR that thing, do some practicing first. A LOT. :D

The rule is that you never approach an operation on the real guitar unless you already know beforehand what's going to happen. You don't 'experiment' on the real thing. :DB)B)

My first idea would be to apply some wild-arse veneer on it.

I love Rhoads V's, and don't like to see them mistreated. B):D:D

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im doing lots of painting lately and my advice would be to take it slow!

dont loose any parts - lol and sand it really smooth so you dont have riples and other bad sanding effects!

maybe you should remove paint with chemicals?!

anyway if you mess it up you can allways repaint it again!

i would recomend you nitro based colour 'cos it's drying time is really fast and i know, since it is your first paint job, you will have anything but patiece to put it together!

hope i helped!

post some pics if you can


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