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how would go about doing this finish on a guitar?


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i want to make a similar finish on the body of my Ibanez RG guitar. I'm only aiming to do this on the body, not the neck or headstock like in the picture.

So if you wouldnt mind, please look at this picture, and assuming you have a body with the original finish sanded off, tell me how you'd go about doing it


thanks a lot

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ah brilliant, thanks for that, shame the pictures are missing though :D

ihave one more question though, is there a way to make the cracks become more frequent as you move toward the centre of the body where the pickups are/

if you see in that picture, the cracks are much larger snd less frequent around the edges of the body, and in the centre, the cracks are much smaller and more frequent

the picture again: http://razorback.ca/sinergy/misc/jax.jpg

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g oto places Hoddy shops. they sell the kit to make crackle finish, they might have the combination you want...

This is one that I found, I know it's not a very popular color for a guitar, but I know that there are a few other out there, I've seen yellow/black, blue /black and red/black, I don't know but I thionk that the top coat is the one that crackles, so maybe you can choose the base coat of your desire and then top it with the cracle paint.

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