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switch to pot soldering confusion

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well here i am soldering my EMG 81 and 85 into my silvertone SG, and i look at the schematic and it says to solder the top wire coming from the switch to the prong on the pot, and i look at my wire, and it has 2 wires coming out of it, one doesnt have a rubber tube around it, and one has a white tube around it, on the diagram it doesnt show 2 wires, and since the EMG's dont come with a switch i had to use my stock silvertone switch, and i dont know if my switch is different form other switches or what, but i dont know what to do? im thining i either:

  • solder both wires to the prong
  • need to solder the non-cased wire to the pot casing, and the cased wire to the prong

here is a little picture i drew up on paint to assist in my explanation


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