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its settled, im going to take the plunge into the neck-thru world, i have had a laminated neck for quite some time (3 piece 1/4-sawn maple) and its going to be the beginings of my rhodes V, now im a big fan of children of bodom, so my V will be based-off alexi laiho's, but what i want to do either do a drop-top with abalone and 23k gold leaf pinstripes or just paint the whole guitar white and do black/23k gold pinstripes, the axe is only going to have an emg 81 at the bridge (maybe an SA and do a 29 fret neck) and a booster switch, plus 1 dual-con knob for vol and tone, i just have to get a template for the axe before i start it, i dont want to screw this one up!

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if you mean where the middle of the V is behind the tremelo? it's not centered, no, the nut is 1 11/16, scale is 25.5", alexi's new guitars(from esp), also have a belly cut, like on most superstrats, and also the cutaway to provide better access to upper frets, i don't have an RRV, my friend does, so, if anyone else has an RRV they can help you better than i, but i was planning on making an rrv, so i made these observations.

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