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coil splitter question


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ok what you do, is one lead form the pickup, connect, to the left most prong on one of the two rows of prongs (on the switch), and then the other lead (from the other pup), conenct to the rightmost prong, of the other row of prongs (this is on a dpdt pull/push switch), then solder the two middle prongs together, and from one of them solder to the left most prong of the pot (when looking from the bottom), IF its a volume (or intended to be) pot. and then solder the right most prong to ground, and the middle prong to output. (all on the pot)

if its intended to be a tone pot, solder the output from the switch to the right most prong (from the bottom), the gorund through a cap to the middle prong, and then the output to the volume to the left most, and then with the volume pot is the same stuff.

also to let you knwo the switch and the pot are not connected electrically so it is wired the same as if you where useing a regualr dpdt swithc nad a seperate pot

i assume, you have the rest worked out, but if you dont want a split just solder the south finish and north finish together (on both pups), and solder the south start to ground.

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